We help companies & organizations utilize Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality  

From our office in the center of Copenhagen Denmark, we help companies utilize the potential of virtual, augmented and mixed reality across borders. We create inspiring communication, engaging marketing and  effective educational content, which increases measurable value.We are a creative partner, working with enterprise companies, brands, and organizations to create immersive Virtual Reality - VR, Augmented Reality  - AR, WebAR and 360° video experiences for training, retail engagement, service maintenance, location visits, product visualization and more.We develop Mixed Reality - MR software applications for production 4.0, operational service maintenance, and optimization with remote assists using the advanced Microsoft device HoloLens.


We have insights, experience, software & platform, which will accelerate your implementation of virtual & augmented reality technologies

Based in Copenhagen, our exploratory mindset lives on the intersection of creativity & technology

Virsabi is a dedicated virtual and augmented reality tech company.A unity of experts, developers and creatives, and one of the first virtual reality dedicated companies offering consultancy and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Virsabi is a strong collective of experienced people, working with the sole purpose of creating value and 'unfair' advantages for our customers. We are commercially oriented and driven by business goals, though we unite around the utilization of new VR, AR and MR technology and the fast maturing creative space. We are professionals and inspiring thinkers whose exploratory mindset lives on the intersection of creativity and technology. We deliver expert advice for the full-stack of VR, AR and MR opportunities including content creation, storytelling, creative concepts, business solutions, CX, UX, platforms, hardware, software and virtual, augmented and mixed reality strategies. In other words, we accelerate leaders, teams and organizations towards the full utilization of this technology in a commercial context.

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