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Virsabi develops virtual reality, augmented reality, and spatial computing projects to give your business a competitive edge.

Improve training and onboarding

Boost sales and marketing

Strengthen remote collaboration







Software Development

Photo realistic 3D models, animations, and environments. We develop and produce mixed reality experiences for all devices.


How can your business benefit from digitalization and the use VR, AR, and MR? Tap into our experience and get ready to challenge reality.

R&D / Innovation

We are always one step ahead of the current trends, so we can help develop and innovate cutting edge solutions for your business.


Virsabi is a Copenhagen-based consultancy and software house creating content for the metaverse. Virsabi has a team of creatives, software developers, animators, and sound specialists that create experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality for leading corporations all over Europe. Virsabi’s experiences are used for entertainment, training and onboarding, marketing and e-commerce, and industrial optimization.


Companies we proudly work with


Are your looking for an experienced solution partner? Explore how we have helped others challenge reality.

Red Bull Cliff Diving virtual reality (VR)

Red Bull

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series sparks adrenalin just by watching the divers jump from the platform. Now, you can get on the platform yourself in a VR experience made by Virsabi. This is taking the adrenaline rush and brand perception to another level not limited by geography, physics, competencies, or past experience.

interview virtual reality (VR) room


Union representatives under Finansforbundet can now practice difficult conversations with their boss in virtual reality as part of the training program. In a safe but realistic environment, union representatives can practice their communication and become better at handling difficult conversations.

Normal virtual reality training (VR)


Future employees at NORMAL’s warehouse will be given a VR headset, where they can train the basic rules of how pallets should be packed even before their first day of work. Preparing for your upcoming work in VR is a unique way for NORMAL to stand out from the crowd. But the idea stems from an economic rationale.


We develop solutions for all XR technologies

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological medium enabling the user to be present in a virtual world. It is experienced in a VR headset.

The true power of VR lies in the ability to fully immerse the user. The brain simply believe you are there which gives you a memorable experience, no matter if it is an animated 3D universe or a 360 degree video.

The feelings of immersion and presence makes VR very powerful for training and onboarding as well as for creating brand engaging experiences. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) when you view a digital object in a real-world environment. Like placing a chair or a lamp digitally in your living room before you buy it. 

You can view the objects on your smartphone, tablet or through headsets with a pass-through function.

AR is great for e-commmerce as well as for digital twins of equipment, where it can serve as a tool for sales as well as for maintenance.

Mixed Reality

With Mixed Reality we seek to give your first line workers super powers. It will enable your employees to accomplish the same tasks faster and with fewer mistakes. Sharing information has never been easier, and providing remote support will change how you communicate with customers. 

Its all packed into one device, and it has the power to digitalize processes in new interesting ways, that will create real value for your company.

Spatial Computing

We also develop apps and experiences for Apple Vision Pro and for spatial computing.

Spatial computing is a term describing technology which blends digital and the real worlds together, allowing users to interact with technology in more immersive ways. As a result, users interact with digital content while being aware of physical surroundings.

It heavily relies on augmented reality technologies to immerse the users and present data. With spatial computing, you can move all the apps and functions from your computer into your physical space with augmented reality.

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Virsabi is a company that explores the intersection of creativity and technologies and is one of the first Virtual – and Augmented Reality dedicated companies offering both business advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and other new visualization technologies.