3D Modeling

We are experts in building and implementing 3D models in organizations and can help you get the most of your 3D assets. Create value by digitalizing your products.

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Not a picture, just a well made 3D model

Why 3D?

Web configurators, augmented reality and virtual reality combined with your 3D models, all allow for great experiences for your customers. More and more opportunities to utilize the 3D-format has made 3D models more important than ever. 

A more conventional use can be seen in Ikea’s catalogue where 80% of their catalouge are 3D-models. The use of 3D visualizations gives flexibility, reduces expenses for taking pictures, and allows catalogues to fit individual markets.

Good 3D models can also make certain processes easier, like if an interior designer is doing a space with furniture, the designer is likely not going with a company that can’t provide 3D models of good quality, since the design process is digital.

In fashion industry customers are now able to try clothes online utilizing Augmented Reality, which also lets brands dress their models digitally, possibly making seasonal photoshoots a thing of the past.

The power of 3D

Cut corners

Make some processes easier and new ones possible, by utilizing 3D models in your valuechain.

Flexible Product Presentations

Show your product digitally and have full control over the presentation.

Customer Engagement

Let your customers place the product in their home, workspace, or where ever they want.

Give your customers access to your 3D models

Its more and more common to give customers the ability to place products in their home virtually before purchase. Augmented Reality can place your product in your customers hands, before they buy further incenting them to buy the product. Augmented Reality now also works in mobile browsers making it possible to click any product and instantly view it virtually in the space around you, without having to download an app.

What is 3D models?

3D models are a visual representation of an object. The 3D models are build in specialized software by a 3D artist. Surfaces need to reflect the right amount of light, and look like the material they represent with the same physical texture.

Watch our educational videos (in Danish)

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The payoff

Using good 3D models can shorten the time a customer takes to buy a product. Webconfigurators can assist customers in getting a highly personalized product and WebAR can put the product in your customers hands increasing customer engagement.

Design processes can be made easier by converting part of the physical work to being digital, where more creativity while spending less materials.

Presenting complex products to costumers can be done more convincingly using 3D models – consider the ability to take apart a machine with a click and show every single piece in an expanded view, or highlighting specific parts that creates the foundations for your products unique selling point.

Get started

Our experts are always available for a chat about how 3D models can benefit your company specifically. We have experience in working with both industrial, tech and design companies, and have a deep understanding of the many ways to utilize 3D models to gain value.
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