A virtual world for a real event

Create an environment that completely matches your brand for your next corporate video. We seamlessly blend virtual environments, 3D models, 2D video, and live presentations to create the most engaging experiences for your audience. Recently we built a virtual environment around an entire online conference about blockchain in our Virtual Production Studio where we blended a virtual 3D space with live speakers in our studio.

What: A virtual environment blended with live performances

Settings for filming videos can be hard to control. How do you find a perfect location that suits your brand, and where you don’t have to worry about the weather, traffic, other people, the interior decoration, or any of all the little things that needs to come together when the camera is rolling?

In our Virtual Design Studio, we can control all of these factors. And we can even create an environment that highlights and emphasizes exactly the things that makes your brand stand out.

We recently did that for an online conference about the business potential for blockchain. The conference was hosted by the project Blockchain in Business and Danish Design sponsored by The Danish Industry Foundation.

For this event, we built a virtual environment that matched the look and feel of the companies behind the project. Before each session, the participants were guided through the virtual environment that blended seamlessly into our studio were the sessions took place.

In the studio, we used our giant LED screen to create a background that once again matched the brand and gave the viewers the feeling that the event took place in the on brand virtual environment that they had just been guided through.

Why: Perfect alignment between visuals and messaging to emphasize your brand

There are at least two very convincing reasons to use the techniques that Virsabi adds together to create these branded virtual environments.

The first one is about your messaging. To really come across with your messaging, you want perfect alignment between your visuals and your wording. In this 3D space, there are no limits to the size, the look, the material, or the decoration of the setting – or how you move around in this space. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Have a look at what the day looked like behind the scenes.

This way, we can create a setting that matches your brand 100 percent and makes your messaging stick with your audience. It can be creative and wild for your product presentation, and it can be calm and convincing for your financial presentation. Why not replace the graphs and pie charts on your slides with 3D graphics that unfold, pop-up or appear otherwise anywhere in the room to strengthen your message?

The second reason is the control of the setting and the reduction of time spent on post-production. Because we build the environment prior to the filming, you know exactly what you get, and it’s faster and easier to test new and creative ideas ahead of production. You also need less time on set, and the post-production phase is reduced to almost nothing.

How: Blended technology for real engaging content

The blockchain conference was a live event where we had created the 3D space and the interior background way ahead of the production. It worked as a mix of a virtual 3D environment, live presentations, 2D video, and virtual production.

The 3D environments are build utilizing the real time rendering powers of Unreal Engine.

But the real magic appears not just from the technology, but from how Virsabi provides the expertise in visual storytelling. It’s about attention to even the smallest details, from the sound to the spacious feeling, and it’s about planning.

The crew has experience from television and movie production, and they use this experience for going into every little detail in the planning phase. They make sure that there is all the time needed to get the virtual and the physical environments ready to create breathtaking productions.

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