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From our studio in Copenhagen,

we explore the intersection of creativity and technology.

About Virsabi

Virsabi is a Copenhagen-based consultancy and software developing company focusing on XR technologies.

We advise companies on the business potential of XR, and we develop content for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and spatial computing experiences.

We are a team of creative and strategic minds, software developers, animators, and sound specialist. Together, we create virtual, augmented, and spatial experiences for leading corporations all over Europe.

Our customers use our software for training and onboarding, industrial optimization, marketing and e-commerce, brand engagement and entertainment.

People before technology

Work with people you like. Those words are one a big poster on one of our walls and that is one of the mottos on which Virsabi was founded by Michael Harboe in 2017.

We are aiming high to create an atmosphere where people feel free and welcome. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. It starts with the working conditions for our employees. We are true believers of the power of hybrid work, and our employees are free to work from home as much as they like.

Instead of an office, we decided to create a clubhouse with lots of couches and a vibe that makes it attractive to come and meet your co-workers.

The vibe rubs off on our customers. Some of them even use our space to host their own meetings.

We develop technology, but we do it in a human-centric way. People always come first.

History of Virsabi

Recent Projects and Future Plans 

In the new Clubhouse, Virsabi delivered projects to Normal, VELUX, Red Bull, and Carlsberg, setting new standards for customer engagement and immersive training. The company also worked on projects in the maritime and pharma industries. Virsabi will continue to lead the way for immersive technologies and help customers win their game with creative and value-creating virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions. Metaverse is coming, Spatial Computing introduced by Apple is evolveing with Apple Vision PRO, and Microsoft Mesh is a new area for us building 3D spaces for meetings and customer presentations.  

Our partnerships with Meta, Micrsosoft, Apple Dev., Realwear and is taking us to new adventures requiring us to extend the dream team. Reach out if you would like to join us. 

The Clubhouse 

In 2022, after Covid, Virsabi decided to create a clubhouse instead of a regular office space. The location was found in the Odd Fellow Mansion in Bredgade in Copenhagen. The company also hired its first Happiness Officer to create happiness for all employees. Knauf, Life Fonden and Semco Maritime was onboarded in this period, and also Finansforbundet and IDA set new directions for soft-skills training using immersive training in virtual reality. 

Adapting to Covid

During the Covid pandemic, Virsabi had to adapt and be creative to keep the company on its feet. The company invested heavily and opened the first Virtual Production Studio in Northern Europe, allowing for advanced video productions and livestreaming. Jabra, Metro, Louis Poulsen, Pfizer, KVIK and DFDS asked for Virsabi’s services again during this time.

Large Projects and Partnerships

Virsabi won a large frame agreement with DSB – Danish Railroads, keeping a large crew busy for four years delivering projects within HR, onboarding, safety, marketing, customer experiences, conflict management, remote support, and service maintenance. The company also joined roomies Kruso and Airtame on the old harbor side in the old navy housing Kuglegården. New companies joining as clients this year included Radiometer, Maersk and Biogen. 

Growth and Expansion

As Virsabi grew, the company needed a new location and moved to the Ved Vesterport building in central Copenhagen. During this period, Virsabi delivered projects to FLSchmidt, Jabra and Red Bull, setting new standards for the technology. 

Early Projects

Virsabi’s first serious breakthrough projects included an onboarding project for IKEA employees and an Augmented Reality app for the world-famous lamp design company Louis Poulsen. The company also partnered with Bang & Olufsen to promote their new Bluetooth headphones. 

The Beginning

Virsabi was founded by Michael Harboe as a basement project with the core idea of starting a company in new tech with a strong purpose for the people involved. The company was originally named VirtualUs, but the name was changed due to pronunciation challenges.You can read the full story about the Virsabi name below.

The story behind our name

In the very beginning, we called ourselves Virtualus, because we wanted our name to reflect our focus on team spirit. But Virtualus was too difficult to pronounce.

Shortly after, our founder Michael Harboe drove around in his car with his oldest son. They were shouting out different names starting with virtual – because a good company name is one you can shout out loud!

Driving past a sushi restaurant, one word took the other, and one of them shouted wasabi. Wasabi became Virsabi – a name which to us embodies strength, delicacy, spice, and uniqueness.

Our logo was meant to be a pair of virtual reality glasses. But in this industry, the headsets change their looks fast, and our logo would soon become outdated. Instead, we created a 3D model inspired by the V in Virsabi – with green colors slightly resembling the color of wasabi.

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Want to know more?

Virsabi is a company that explores the intersection of creativity and technologies and is one of the first Virtual – and Augmented Reality dedicated companies offering both business advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and other new visualization technologies.