AR picks up pace in robotics

Remote collaboration through augmented reality adds value in the robot sector. Jorgensen Engineering is leading the way, and we are right there with them.

Last week we introduced some of the possibilities with augmented and mixed reality at a network meeting for CEOs in the Robot Cluster in Odense, Denmark.

Giving a speech to such a network is one of the few things that puts a bit of sweat on the forehead of our Chief Product Officer, Jens Lauritsen. But not because he’s scared of speaking in front of a crowd.

“When you work at the forefront of technology and follow the developments of everything related to Industry 4.0, you can’t help being a little bit starstruck when you get invited to speak to this network. I’m so impressed with the way these companies have created a cluster around this small city and keep inspiring and pushing each other to reach new heights for the use of robotics in our industries,” he says.

Information where you need it

Augmented reality comes into play in the robotic sector in several ways. One is for the operators to have guidance and manuals at hand, either in an AR-headset like HoloLens or RealWear if they need their hands free, or in a virtual overlay on a phone or tablet.

“It is simply a matter of having the information present where you need it, rather than look for it in a book in the office. Just hold the iPad in front of the robot or machine to see which button to push or panel to remove to perform a specific task,” Jens Lauritsen says.

Added benefits of remote collaboration

A lot of value also comes from remote collaboration where a person in the field wears a HoloLens or RealWear and can participate in an ordinary Teams-meeting with people anywhere in the world. Everyone in the meeting shares the view from the person in the field, can guide them to perform tasks, share pictures or even draw in a virtual overlay that the person in the field can see in the headset. This allows even junior engineers to perform difficult tasks as they can be guided by experts from anywhere.

“During COVID-19, we helped a large number of companies realize how many issues they can actually solve through remote collaboration without having to travel. An additional benefit is even that they can have several experts participate in the same event, and especially for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) that has proven to be an added value,” he says.

Jorgensen takes the lead

Jorgensen Engineering is one of the companies that have realized both benefits. They participated in the same meeting and shared the story of how they have performed FATs on several systems using augmented reality and remote collaboration.

“Jorgensen Engineering was part of the project Digital Reality that we completed last year. They have truly adapted the AR and VR technology and is a great showcase of the possibilities with these technologies within robotics and automation,” Jens Lauritsen says.

You really should follow Jorgensen Engineering on LinkedIn. And Virsabi of course, if you’re not already so.

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