VR lets your customers experience and understand buildings and structures at an early stage in your architectural process. Speed up the decision making and approval process and test functional design of your buildings with virtual reality. And let your customers fall in love with your drawings. 

The architects new reality 

VR and AR strengthens architecture

Cardboard models are great. They are just not very flexible, and it is hard for your customers to walk around in them and experience the individual rooms, the details, how the light falls, and the view out the windows.

VR gives you this flexibility – and since we generate your VR model from your digital drawings, you can always showcase the latest model to your customers.

VR makes the decision-making process easier for your customers. Once immersed in the virtual reality experience, the design feels very real, and it is a lot easier to identify obstacles to the desired functionality of the project.

If you work with interior design, we also recommend you to convert your 3D models into augmented reality. Using your phone or a tablet, you can showcase the models in the actual room you are decorating and realign and redesign until your customer is satisfied.

Reach out and let’s challenge your reality.

Jens Lauritsen

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