Augmented Projection

The world is your canvas. Show it. 

Projection in 3D

Create engagement all around. With 3D augmented projection you can have your visuals shown on any surface, in any shape, and from any angle you like.

Images, video, or 3D models presented in actual 3D

If you can imagine it, we can create it in 3D and project it onto any surface from the size of a small box to a large building. With projection mapping and augmented projection, we can bring your visuals to life and show them on a 360-degree surface. 

What is augmented projection?

Augmented projection is when we project visuals onto a surface in such a realistic way that it is brought to life in 3D.  

With augmented projection, visual content on different surfaces and in different angles blends seamlessly together and allows for creative and engaging storytelling about your brand or your product. 

How does augmented projection work?

To succeed with augmented projection, you need three things: an idea for visual content, a surface to project it on, and some good digital lighting projectors. 

Then our work begins. We create the 3D content and map it to the surface, making sure to align it perfectly. This creates a seamless projection on the surface, resulting in the spatial effect that brings your content to life in 3D.  

The number of projectors needed depends on the size and shape of the surface. Two projectors are sufficient for creating a 360-degree experience like the one you see in the video, but if you want to create augmented projection on an entire building, we are going to need more. 

Why do I need augmented projection?

Tutorio allows for easy and fast transfer of knowledge in environments where it is an advantage to have your hands free to perform the task. 

Tutorio ensures that your information or instructions are right where your customers or colleagues need them. No need to search the office or the internet for manuals or the entire warehouse for spare parts. You have your hands free to perform the tasks while getting the instructions step-by-step. The result is more efficient work and fewer mistakes. 

We recommend Epson

Augmented projection requires the right projectors to work properly. At Virsabi, we use Epson digital lighting projectors from the LightScene EV-series. They have a 2,200 lumens laser projection solution and are both powerful and accurate enough to create very convincing 3D illusions. They only light up the exact area you need and are easy to work with. 

I want it, why should I choose Virsabi?

We are experts in 3D modelling, in creating digital virtual environments, and in producing engaging video content. To us, augmented projection is a natural add-on to virtual and augmented reality. 

We are with you from the creative phase of developing your idea until the final installation attracts customers and creates revenue with engaging projection. 

Reach out today and let’s take your brand to the next dimension. 

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