New app increases interest in sustainability among young people

How much do you protect the environment by shopping in thrift shops? How do you transport yourself in a climate-friendly way? And what does food have to do with the climate? Students across Denmark can learn more about this in the new app developed by Virsabi for Verdensmålshuset (the SDG House) GenIN.​ Get in touch … Read more

DSB and the 3D model of the new electric Vectron locomotive

DSB and the 3D model of the new electric Vectron locomotive Catch your customers’ attention with augmented reality With augmented reality, you can turn any information into interesting learnings. It might be difficult to believe. However, this is exactly what we have done for our long-term partner, DSB. Get in touch to know more Augmented … Read more

A virtual world for a real event

A virtual world for a real event Create an environment that completely matches your brand for your next corporate video. We seamlessly blend virtual environments, 3D models, 2D video, and live presentations to create the most engaging experiences for your audience. Recently we built a virtual environment around an entire online conference about blockchain in … Read more

Hovedstadens Beredskab utilizes training in VR

Training in VR increases GDPR compliance A new training experience in virtual reality raises awareness about data handling in Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.  Get in touch to know more What: A virtual reality training experience Every day the employees of Greater Copenhagen Fire Department handles large amounts of personal data. To ensure that all employees … Read more

Klimarklar Esbjerg

Apps shows consequences of climate change and actions to prevent or diminish them How much will the water rise right here where I stand? What will it look like if I plant trees or make a rain bed to absorb the water? With a new app that uses augmented reality, citizens of the Danish city … Read more

DHDAS Virtual Showroom

3D virtual showroom in a browser Walk around a showroom and get a spacious feeling of all the equipment – straight from the homepage. Reselling equipment from Danish Healthcare Design just became a lot easier with a new 3D interactive virtual showroom that runs in a browser and works on desktops, tablets, phones, and VR … Read more

Jabra speeds up onboarding with training in VR

Jabra Jabra speeds up onboarding with training in VR Get in touch to know more The friendly people in customer service in Jabra know how to connect more than the dots. They also know how to connect cables and wiring to an almost indefinite number of high-quality sound engineering products. Training in VR speeds up … Read more

Kvik Annual Meeting

Kvik Annual Meeting Kvik created an atmosphere of presence, togetherness and business understanding from the studio in Copenhagen​ Contact us This year’s annual meeting for all employees in the kitchen company Kvik was a digital affair. Yet the show included an award show and a DJ. The show was streamed live in HD from Virsabi’s … Read more


Nærenergi A RealWear headset is now an integrated part of Nærenergi’s toolbox For almost a year, Nærenergi has used AR for installation, start-up and service of biogas refueling stations. With RealWear, getting started is quick and easy, and the benefits are less travelling, better collaboration, and increased employee satisfaction. Contact us Global collaboration in real … Read more