Metaverse technologies

Today, you can experience the precursors to the metaverse through various technological devices such as the Oculus Rift, Metaquest Pro, Varjo XR and HoloLens or simply through a browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Various technologies are used to build and experience the metaverse, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, 3D … Read more

The metaverse – a business platform like no other

The Metaverse – a business platform like no other What the internet has done for businesses, the metaverse will multiply. The metaverse will merge existing and new technologies and generate business opportunities that we can’t even imagine today. Get on the train now to get a head start. The internet changed the way we do … Read more

A big step closer to meetings in the metaverse

New collaboration between Meta and Microsoft takes the next best form of meeting to new heights. VR and MR merge and open up wild opportunities for virtual collaboration. You’ve missed something if you haven’t yet tried meeting in VR in Horizon Workrooms with the Oculus Quest headset or in Mixed Reality via Microsoft Mesh on … Read more

Consumers are ready for shopping in the metaverse

Consumers don’t care that the expert don’t agree on what the metaverse will be like – or if it even will become a thing. According to a survey from McKinsey, they are ready for better digital experiences based on VR and AR. 48 percent of American consumers have an interest in shopping in the metaverse … Read more

Google is back in the metaverse with its new AR prototypes

Google Glasses – or Glassholes – may sound familiar and there’s a good reason for that. Google Glasses were launched almost 10 years ago but turned out to be a failure, which resulted in the company stopping the development of AR technologies. Time heals wounds and this proved to be true in Google’s case, as … Read more

Meta presents new prototypes that give a taste of the future metaverse

Meta works intensely to be first movers in relation to the metaverse and meet the technological challenges it entails. Meta recently presented three prototypes for VR headsets for the metaverse. Meta’s headset prototypes at Meta’s Reality Labs. Photo: Meta Visual challenges hamper the technological development In Virsabi, we promote VR in work-related contexts such as … Read more

The municipalities’ path to the metaverse

As a citizen it is relatively easy to find self-service solutions for tasks where there is a need to get in touch with the municipality. Nevertheless, the municipalities can advantageously start preparing for an internet that has a great physical dimension, and where users expect interaction in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The metaverse is … Read more

Take a trip into the metaverse

What is the metaverse, and what does it mean for your business? Should the metaverse be included in your strategy when it doesn’t exist yet, and why does it make sense to produce content for a platform that no one knows what will look like? We ask questions and provide answers right here. Disclaimer: If … Read more

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