Virtual meetings with Microsoft Mesh

Invite the client to a meeting to discuss your working drawings Virtual meetings offer fantastic collaboration opportunities with Microsoft Mesh Your drawings of the client’s machinery, factory floor, building, vehicle, or whatever you’re producing, are nearly finished. To gain client approval, you’re now hosting a virtual meeting in a 3D model created from your working … Read more

How Virtual Reality can train better soldiers and streamline staff

How Virtual Reality can train better soldiers and streamline staff Staying calm and acting correctly under pressure is crucial for a good military defense force. Not just for soldiers in combat, but for everyone throughout the military supply chain. Virtual reality (VR) can make the training realistic, so everyone in the Armed Forces can learn … Read more

Immerse platform now available to Virsabi customers

The leading XR platform Immerse now available to Virsabi customers The Immerse Platform is the open, scalable platform for all immersive experiences, enabling enterprise organizations to aggregate, distribute, and measure the performance of bespoke and off-the-shelf XR training content. The platform includes an intuitive dashboard that allows partners to clearly demonstrate the power of their … Read more

We stand up for love

It is Pride week in Copenhagen, and like so many others we painted our logos on social media in the colors of the rainbow.  Why? Because, we have to believe it matters. And as out motto is “Challenge Reality,” the least we can do is show that we have taken a stand to challenge the … Read more

Companies reap benefits with RealWear

Money Time Productivity Our customers experience great benefits from using RealWear to create a quick connection between field workers and specialists to keep work moving. The drive through morning rush hour has been saved, and the physical meetings are comfortably replaced by meetings in Microsoft Teams. But what about the kind of meetings that aren’t … Read more

Immersive learning makes you more confident in the real world

Using virtual reality as part of a training program increases learning speed and boosts confidence in putting your newly learned skills to use. Immersion and presence are the key concepts you need to know to understand why. How do you internalize new learnings? If you are like most people, you follow the old phrase: “see … Read more

The metaverse – a business platform like no other

The Metaverse – a business platform like no other What the internet has done for businesses, the metaverse will multiply. The metaverse will merge existing and new technologies and generate business opportunities that we can’t even imagine today. Get on the train now to get a head start. The internet changed the way we do … Read more

Launch of Tutorio app at network meeting

Tutorio and HoloLens – use cases and network A large number of companies were present to learn more about the possibilities of Tutorio, network and inspire each other in the use of HoloLens. If you weren’t at the meeting, have no fear. You can watch the presentations below. Tutorio and the vision behind it Jens … Read more

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