Meta presents new prototypes that give a taste of the future metaverse

Meta works intensely to be first movers in relation to the metaverse and meet the technological challenges it entails. Meta recently presented three prototypes for VR headsets for the metaverse. Meta’s headset prototypes at Meta’s Reality Labs. Photo: Meta Visual challenges hamper the technological development In Virsabi, we promote VR in work-related contexts such as … Read more

The municipalities’ path to the metaverse

As a citizen it is relatively easy to find self-service solutions for tasks where there is a need to get in touch with the municipality. Nevertheless, the municipalities can advantageously start preparing for an internet that has a great physical dimension, and where users expect interaction in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The metaverse is … Read more

Create the ideal conditions for learning with VR, AR and analog brain training

Focus and immersion are the keys to good learning and VR helps with both. At a morning meeting at Virsabi, participants received good examples of how they can train their mental capacity with analog brain training. At Virsabi, we are occupied with how to promote meaningful learning in companies through virtual technologies and through active … Read more

Like a Teams meeting on steroids

With HoloLens and Microsoft Mesh you can have virtual meetings where you work with the same 3D-models and can interact with them physically. The technology is ideal if you are looking for high quality information sharing along with the feeling of being in the same physical space. Replace the Zoom-meetings with HoloLens-meetings If you often … Read more

Take a trip into the metaverse

What is the metaverse, and what does it mean for your business? Should the metaverse be included in your strategy when it doesn’t exist yet, and why does it make sense to produce content for a platform that no one knows what will look like? We ask questions and provide answers right here. Disclaimer: If … Read more

New RealWear with stunning camera

Do you want to try it? Cooperation with your frontline colleagues has sharpened with the new Navigator 500 from RealWear. Navigator 500 is the successor for HMT-1 that introduced RealWear as an effective unit for remote collaboration even under rough conditions. The most robust headset for remote collaboration is here in an upgraded version. When … Read more

What’s happening with virtual and augmented reality in 2022

VR and AR are the cornerstones of the metaverse. In itself, this will bring attention to these technologies in 2022 and accelerate the adaption. We don’t expect radicals change, but you will see existing areas of use become better rooted in the corporations, gain wider adaption, and give the technology wider attraction. I have been … Read more

Your most loyal employee ever is being born right now

Avatars appearing in augmented reality are about to make their way into the corporate world. To enlighten and entertain customers when and where they need it. It’s a first step into the metaverse. Did you meet Dina – our new avatar? Dina is just the beginning. Imagine that at Kronborg Castle in Denmark, Hamlet himself … Read more

With so much trust, you can do anything

Work satisfaction pays off and is directly visible on the bottom line. That’s why even small and recently founded companies benefit from measuring well-being at work. At Virsabi, a company that works with virtual and augmented reality, the well-being assessment confirmed the company’s sense of its own strengths and serves as a guide for future … Read more

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