4 reasons why your company should invest in VR

HTC Vive

There is no question that VR and 360 content will continue to grow, and brands not embracing it soon will risk being left behind. But what benefits does VR essentially bring to companies? Why should brands invest in VR? Increase brand awareness In How Brands Grow, professor Byron Sharp says, “The dominant way that advertising works is … Read more

Surprising VR headsets sales figures revealed

Playstation VR headset

“2016 was not ‘The Year of VR. It was the year of the start of VR.” — claim editors at Kotaku, and we could not agree more. If you are thinking: is it worth to invest in VR? Is the demand really as high as expected?  Take a look at those hard numbers because they speak for … Read more

VR revolutionizing architecture and design

VR immersiveness

For designers and architects, the vision is the core of every project. But communicating and getting approval of the client can be a struggle. Architectural drawings are hard to grasp by clients, and even computer visualizations are tricky for most. That is why the real revolution lays in virtual and mixed reality. VR is the … Read more

Amazing use of Mixed Reality and MS HoloLens

Microsoft Hololens development

We are honestly over excited about Microsoft’s new mixed reality headset; HoloLens. Recently Microsoft HoloLens released this use-case video in collaboration with the elevator producer ThyssenKrupp. We are right now seeking similar needs in Denmark, so reach out if you like to join an explorative pilot project. #virsabi #hololens Share on facebook Facebook Share on … Read more

Three I’s of virtual reality experience design

Virtual Reality design

According to Gartner, “using personalization and customer journey analytics technologies to enrich customers’ experiences will be key in the future customer journey and experience”. Brands should be built around customer experience (CX) and not the other way around. That is where Virtual Reality has a strong advantage over other mediums – engaging with the consumer … Read more

100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality

The analysts at Gartner predicts in their top 10 Predictions for 2017 and beyond, that by 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality. This is what they state // ‘Whether they allow you to try on makeup or place virtual furniture in your home, immersive technologies such as AR increase consumer engagement by enabling them … Read more

The interest in virtual reality is increasing

Cardbox VR

We recently launched our exploration project as a real company named Virsabi.  By doing that, we obviously care tremendously about the growing interest of companies willingness to invest in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content. This is what they ask for Currently we experience interest in particularly the area of doing in-store VR, giving … Read more

Grand opening of Virsabi in Copenhagen


On January 1. 2017 we proudly launched our company Virsabi, announcing our effort to support companies in gaining commercial value from the utilization of virtual reality technology. Today we have 11 team members, and all are we inspired by virtual reality technologies, enjoying the new creative playground, and we unite to explore its commercial potential. The … Read more

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