Copenhagen’s first Virtual Production Studio open for business

Do you want your next product launch, townhall, or sales video to create more engagement? Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen gives unique possibilities to make the experience come to life through dynamic 3D environments. The studio is located in a historic building in the heart of Copenhagen.

The battle for attention is so tough that it takes extraordinary measures for your message to get through to the receiver. That is true, even when the receivers are your own employees. And it is especially true when you are trying to convince potential customers that your product has the qualities it takes to save time, money, or CO2, or just make their lives a bit better.

Extraordinary measures are exactly what you find in Virsabi’s new studio Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen in Holmen, Copenhagen.

3D models integrated in video

Virsabi’s virtual studio allow for a whole new type of video production that for example makes it possible to blend 3D environments and models into the recordings. And you – or the host of your video – can be placed in front of any background and even interact with the models.

“You can show your product in its natural environment, and with the 3D models you can for instance twist and turn it or take it apart to talk about parts – whether it’s a microchip or a 200 meter long ship,” says Michael Harboe, CEO of Virsabi.

Reclaiming exports revenue

The studio opened in the fall, but up until now, it has been fully booked by furniture companies. As a part of the project Virtual Stage, the companies are experimenting with how they can use the technology to help reclaim the exports revenue that was reduced as a consequence of COVID-19. Furthermore, the studio has been used to live stream an internal event related to a product launch for a global company.

“The studio is now fully up and running, and we’ve executed the events that were the basis for the investment. Now, we’re ready to open the studio for other large companies that need convincing presentations. The timing couldn’t be better, since we’re looking into another season of online seminars and video presentations,” says Michael Harboe.

The sun is setting all day long

The LED screen that makes up the back wall of the studio can make it look as though the recordings are going on in any environment, anywhere in the world. That is one of the advantages which the companies in Virtual Stage have made use of after travel restrictions took away their regular possibilities for producing video.

“If you can’t go out into the world, the world must come to the screen behind you. I guarantee that the viewers can’t tell in the video was filmed on location in Mallorca or in our studio. And for fashion and furniture companies, it has been an extra benefit that we can fully control the weather and make the sunset last all day, if that’s the lighting they need for their recording. Even after COVID-19, more companies will continue using this technology to save all of the logistics costs while reducing the environmental impact,” says Michael Harboe.

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