Create the ideal conditions for learning with VR, AR and analog brain training

Focus and immersion are the keys to good learning and VR helps with both. At a morning meeting at Virsabi, participants received good examples of how they can train their mental capacity with analog brain training.

At Virsabi, we are occupied with how to promote meaningful learning in companies through virtual technologies and through active use of the body. Therefore, we had an active morning meaning in collaboration with Mind Social, where participants from different companies received practical examples of how digital learning and analog brain training can increase the focus of employees and optimize learning processes.

Solid onboarding and learning with VR and AR

The technology behind VR and AR creates visual user experiences. With VR glasses, you enter a new world that resembles scenarios from reality while being shielded from the space around you. Therefore, you immerse yourself in the experience and are fully focused. At the same time, the glasses provide a thorough learning, as you can play the scenarios repeatedly.

At the morning meeting, a number of employees from several companies had the opportunity to try both VR and AR glasses. The employees were clearly preoccupied with what they were experiencing inside the virtual world, or fully engaged in the digital layer on top of reality in the various AR experiences. They were not distracted by their phones, their surroundings or any other things.

VR and AR create focus and are optimal tools in regard to onboarding and the strengthening of existing employees’ competencies.

A snapshot of a guest at the morning meeting trying on AR glasses

Mental sharpness with analog brain training

Analog brain training is done by actively using the body, where you learn how the brain gets in top form. A brain in top form means that you can make better decisions, have mental acuity and get better collaboration skills.

Through ball throwing with a partner and bodily combination exercises, Mind Social demonstrated how to learn to maintain focus and cooperate. The challenge in the activities helped emphasize important points you can learn from and use in everyday life.

Analog brain training is a tool that can improve your mental capacity, get employees with mental surplus, who immerse themselves in each work task, and strengthen collaboration skills.

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Ensure immersion and ensure good results

With virtual technologies and analog brain training, employees can immerse themselves in learning processes and work tasks. The increased focus provides good and efficient work results and optimal collaboration skills, which are advantageous in work-related contexts.

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