Cyber Security VR Challenge

Train your employees to identify and dodge cyber security risks in the most fun, engaging, and memorable way.

If you want to make your employees actually remember the learnings from your next cyber security campaign, Virsabi’s Cyber Security Virtual Reality Challenge is for you.

Our package contains four VR headsets with the challenge installed that you rent for a period with free access to let employees play as many times as they like. It’s the perfect educational team challenge.

Virtual Reality Experience

Cyber Security

Training & Onboarding

Why use VR?

You and your colleagues are the weakest link in cyber security.  

Still, it is hard to engage employees in the topic of cyber security. By making cyber and information security compliance training fun, memorable and engaging, we can make it more effective and minimize security risks caused by human error. 

Studies from PWC shows that VR creates a stronger emotional connection to what you learn, you are more focused, and you remember the learnings a lot longer compared to e-learning or classroom training. 

What is the Cyber Security Virtual Reality Challenge?

In a Virtual Reality experience designed as a scavenger hunt type game, you physically move around an office, where you have to find and point out errors. The experience educates and rewards the users inspired by the concept of serious play. 

Price example

For up to 200 employees, including rent of four cordless Meta Quest 2 VR headsets with the Cyber Security Virtual Reality Challenge installed for 12 weeks, DKK 99,000 +  VAT. 

Your employees can try the challenge as many times as they like. 

It is easy to set up in a meeting room or an office space for people to come by and try. Create a local scoreboard and let your employees challenge each other in who is the fastest to identify all seven risks. 

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Tailored solution for your company

Yes, we can add your logo, your colors, or even certain customized risks that you face in your company, and we can extend the periode beyond one month. Contact us to learn more.

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