3D virtual showroom in a browser

Walk around a showroom and get a spacious feeling of all the equipment – straight from the homepage. Reselling equipment from Danish Healthcare Design just became a lot easier with a new 3D interactive virtual showroom that runs in a browser and works on desktops, tablets, phones, and VR headsets alike.

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What: A virtual showroom for easier reselling

Danish Healthcare Design are experts in décor solutions for the healthcare sector. They sell their four different brands of healthcare equipment through resellers and reselling their equipment has just become easier and more engaging.

To showcase the equipment, resellers can now simply go to the website of Danish Healthcare Design and take a virtual tour of a fully equipped dental facility.

On the website you move around in a 3D environment, you can see the different pieces of equipment in a natural context, and you can zoom really close to the details. To know more about a specific piece of equipment, click on it and get the full details in a pdf or a video.

“It works in a browser and can be accessed from any device, making it an easy alternative to bringing the customer to an actual showroom. No matter where the reseller meets the customer, they can present our equipment in the right context, so this new feature is all about giving our resellers the best possible tool to introduce our products to their customers,” says Poul Sørensen, CEO of Danish Healthcare Design.

Currently, the virtual showroom presents equipment for dental facilities. But there is a door in the showroom, and soon that door will lead to a showroom with a completely new product.

Why: Make the sales process more engaging

When selling equipment through resellers, you only reach the end-customer if the reseller has your product top-of-mind. And while everyone can enter the virtual showroom on Danish Healthcare Desing’s website, the new feature is developed to make the sales process between the reseller and the customer more engaging.

Together, they can take a tour of a facility and see the different possibilities of decorating the interior, and they can even change the colors.

“We have so many features and special functions in our equipment, and it is much easier and more engaging to present it in a 3D environment than in a catalogue. For instance, you can see how a waste shaft fits in the tabletop and cabinets, or how our special faucet fixture work,” Poul Sørensen says.

Danish Healthcare Design does not stop producing catalogues but has developed the interactive showroom as a supplementary sales tool.

“A virtual showroom is much more engaging than a catalogue because It’s a way to provide the resellers with the right arguments as to why our brands fit the purpose of their customers,” he says.

Who: Longstanding collaboration with Virsabi leads to new sales channels

The virtual showroom is developed in close collaboration between Danish Healthcare Design and Virsabi. Danish Healthcare Design has used their expertise to design a showroom with all the right equipment presented in the right context.

Virsabi has taken this knowledge and transformed it into a 3D environment with lifelike models and coded it to be accessible on all platforms. The specifications for the equipment pop up and can easily be updated, and it is easy to print out documents with specifications for the customer as well.

How: 3D models 100 % accurate

When you walk around in the virtual showroom, the equipment looks exactly like the real equipment and all scales are 100 % accurate. The 3D models are made from the same digital drawings as the real equipment, and the rendering makes it look like photographs. You can even zoom in really close without the picture getting blurred.

The 3D environment is made in the same software that Virsabi uses to make virtual environments for virtual reality experiences and then adapted to run in a browser. This makes it easily accessible on any device including VR headsets for the full, immersive experience.

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