AR utilized to improve the sales experience

We created an application to utilize Augmented Reality to improve the sales experience of employees at Danish Healthcare Design.

Augmented Reality Experience

Danish Healthcare Design

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Help the customer make better decisions and speed up the buying process​

Augmented Reality is the perfect tool for speeding up the buying process and helping the customer make better-informed decisions. In collaboration with Danish Healthcare Design we have built an application that helps resellers across Europe visualize the high-quality clinic furniture from the Climo, Inform and brands.

Danish Healthcare Design is a Danish designer and manufacturer of exclusive and professional total decor solutions for the healthcare sector, including high-quality proprietary equipment with a focus on ergonomics and aesthetics.

Augmented Reality app, designed for sales

The Augmented Reality iPad app allows a salesperson to set up and visualize clinic furniture and components in the physical clinic. Once ready the customer can walk around with the iPad in her hands and see all the modules just as if they were physically there.

This makes it much easier for the customer to get an idea of how many modules can be fitted and how the layout should be. Before the app was created the salesperson would need to have a sketch created and sent to the customer after the meeting.

This can take days or weeks – and is costly. Now with the app, the customer gets an even better visualization. And she gets it immediately.

Adjust your product digitally to your liking before buying

And it doesn’t stop there. Once the basic layout is in place then the salesperson and customer can change the modules’ colors, the handles, tabletop material, sinks, faucets and much more. They can even save multiple different layouts and color combinations and review them again later.

As this is a tool aimed at the resellers we have even included an option for the resellers to add their own pricing for each module in the app. So when the customer asks for the price of a given layout, the salesperson will be able to answer that question on the spot. If the customer is ready to make a purchase decision then the reseller can send the layout and item list to Danish Healthcare Design directly from the app.

If you want to know more please reach out to us for a demo and dialogue on how you can speed up your sales processes with Augmented Reality.

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