Digital innovation in the maritime sector – A trip to South Korea

South Korea mixed reality

Virsabi’s Chief Product Officer Jens Lauritsen took part in an innovation workshop in Busan, South Korea. The workshop had participants from both Korean and Danish research institutes, government agencies and technology suppliers to the maritime industry. Virsabi’s goal was to find partners for development projects within Virtual and Augment Reality.

Interesting cases emerge along with interesting questions

Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, kicked off the event with a speech. The next 2 days were very intense and produced many concrete ideas for collaboration in both academic research, cutting edge technologies and enterprise applications. Like how can we apply Augmented Reality to portable pilot units to help pilots navigate more safely and avoid collisions? How can we enable instructors to build Virtual Training solutions themselves? Moreover, how can we bring this training to the ships, so the crews can train where and when they need?

This was our first trip to South Korea and it was amazing to get a glimpse into the business culture of a proud nation, who is home to the biggest ship and ship engine builders in the world and a close partner with the Danish maritime industry. The connections we have made during this trip will be instrumental in our development of Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, that tie the value chain together all the way from the manufacturer to the end user on a global scale. Oh, and the view from the conference space was breathtaking.

We are taking digital innovation in the maritime sector to the next level with Microsoft HoloLens. If you would like to know more about this, drop us an email.

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