DSB and the 3D model of the new electric Vectron locomotive

Catch your customers’ attention with augmented reality.

With augmented reality, you can turn any information into interesting learnings. It might be difficult to believe. However, this is exactly what we have done for our long-term partner, DSB.

Augmented Reality Experience


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Augmented reality – the best version of reality

As Denmark’s leading transport company within the field of public transport, DSB has invested in new electric locomotives which promote the green agenda. The new locomotives are of the Vectron type from Siemens and they emit 27,000 tons less CO2 annually than the old locomotives. But how does one communicate the complex, technical processes behind the technology of the new locomotive in an easily comprehensive way?

We have the answer to that.

The key to good customer communication: 3D models

We have helped DSB by developing a 3D model of the new locomotive in augmented reality. We have made it super easy and simple for the passengers. All they have to do is scan the QR code in the magazine Ud & Se and then they can see the locomotive, place it on different surfaces and get a lot of information in a comprehensive and entertaining way.

Augmented reality is an exemplary tool when communicating with your customers.

Increase your company value through visualization

It can be challenging to convey information in an interesting and appealing way. However, we are here to help you.

Augmented reality contains a lot of possibilities, and it is most certainly not limited to the transport industry. If you are in the maritime industry, for instance, you can use augmented reality to train your employees and make the learning process unforgettable and exciting. If you work within interior design, augmented reality makes it possible for your customers to place the different furniture in their own home.

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