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Virsabi has won a tender for a four-year framework agreement to deliver Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to DSB, The Danish National Railways. The agreement is valued at an estimated eight million DKK and will involve the development of VR and AR solutions with the purpose of enhancing employee training and service of equipment – all of which will improve customer experience.

The next four years, Virsabi will develop VR and AR solutions for DSB, The Danish National Railways. Virsabi supplies Virtual and Augmented Reality for businesses, and they have just been selected as the winners of DSB’s tender for a framework agreement that will ensure that DSB can benefit from the many opportunities that come with VR and AR.

Specifically, the tender states that DSB want to test VR and AR for the training of train drivers and service workers, repairing equipment and to improve the travel experience for the customers.

“We see great potential in VR as well as AR. Among other things for training of procedures and instruction. For instance, we already have positive experiences from testing VR in training of our train drivers,” 

Based on previous experience from working with IKEA, MAN Energy Solutions and Red Bull, Virsabi has delivered references and suggestions as to how DSB can benefit from the technology.

”Through our work with IKEA, we gained valuable insight into how Virtual Reality can shorten and improve the training period for new employees. Now we will build upon these lessons learned in cooperation with DSB, where the employees repeatedly can gain experience in things like conflict resolution or handling accidents in very realistic scenarios. Virtual Reality affects our senses much more than a regular video or a story in a conference room, which is why it is a very powerful tool for learning,” says Michael Harboe, CEO of Virsabi.

Hands-free repairing

VR and AR can be utilized across the organisation in DSB, and especially the use of AR, where a digital layer is added to reality, is expected to optimize maintenance and repairs of equipment.

“With Augmented Reality, a fitter can see both the machines they are working on and a digital layer with instruction manuals on top of it. This means that both hands are free and that they avoid having to stop and check the manuals while servicing the equipment. Past experience makes it clear that the work is completed faster and fewer mistakes are made. You can control the description and sign off on the tasks with voice-control, and it is also possible to use glasses with a built-in camera, which allows a service centre to guide the worker throughout the repairs. The potential optimization – not just for DSB but for any industrial business – is huge,” says Michael Harboe.

Ready to push the limits for the passengers

AR exploded in popularity a few years ago, when millions of people were hunting Pokémon around the globe. This means that passengers are familiar enough with the technology for it to help them on their way. This could for example be by getting an app on their phone that makes arrows appear on the platform and in the train that can guide them to their reserved seat.

“In such a large company as DSB, there are endless opportunities for the applications of VR and AR. This is why we are beyond excited to begin the first projects where Virsabi and DSB can work together to push the limits for how VR and AR can increase productivity and improve customer experience,” says Michael Harboe.

The duration of the framework agreement is four years and has an estimated value of eight million DKK.

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