Would you like to double the conversion rate in your webshop? If so, 3D models in AR that customers can interact with from their phones is the solution. We call it webAR and we can have you up and running in just a few days.
Boost your sales with augmented reality

WebAR is the future of e-commerce – and we are ready

According to Shopify, 3D models in augmented reality increase the conversion rate by 94%.

Instead of just a picture, you display a 3D model of your product. When customers click on the picture of the model, they can use the camera on their phone or tablet to put the 3D model right in their environment. The can twist and turn it, if it is a piece of furniture or a lamp they can see if it looks right in their home, and they can even see how the shadows fall.

Besides increasing conversion rates, you also reduce the number of return goods, as customers get a better understanding of the look and feel of your product with webAR, as we call the 3D models in augmented reality that runs straight from the browser.

If you already have high quality 3D models of your products, we can convert them into webAR files that runs straight from the browser for you. We can also build your 3D models from scratch.

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Jens Lauritsen

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