Get your team, your management group, or your network up to speed with the possibilities of the latest technological developments.

Events and XR demos

Get your team, your management group, or your network up to speed with the possibilities of the latest technological developments.

We are happy and proud to share our insights and we truly enjoy introducing new people to the world of VR, AR, MR, and spatial computing.

You can arrange one of our strategic advisors as keynote speaker at your event, and you can combine it with us showing up as a team to demo selected XR experiences that matches to job functions or interests of your team.

Often, we give a short introduction to the history of XR and the latest development, tell you about some interesting use cases, and then everyone gets a chance to try.

Your place or ours?

We are located in the center of Copenhagen and have an old ballroom in the Odd Fellow Mansion. It is the perfect place to host events, and we are happy to host your team here.

You can even rent our space if your team need a day away from the office.

But we don’t mind travelling, and we are happy to bring a team and headsets to your venue for a talk and a demo.

Follow us for specific events

Every month we host open events on different topics related to XR. Follow us on LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to learn about the possibilities of XR in your field of work.

Or contact us if you have an idea to a specific topic for an event.


Generating good ideas is a skill, not a coincidence. And no team leaves our events without a handful of ideas for business generating use cases utilizing XR.

We have a developed a process to guide teams through an ideation process that both generate multiple ideas and qualifying the best ones.

Rooted in science and best practice, our ideation sessions are a mix of individual and group work and goes beyond an ordinary brainstorm. Every person gets heard.

Narrowing it down

Our ideation technique is not only used at events to inspire the participants.

The same method is used as part of our consultancy session when we get ready to develop the exact right XR experience for your business.

Starting out with several ideas, we follow the methodology to narrow it the down to the one idea that everyone agrees upon, before we once again use some of the same techniques to expand the idea.

Our experienced strategic advisors guide you through the process and helps you generate more and better ideas than you ever imagined. And have fun at the same time.

VR & Vino

When you are ready to combine business and pleasure but want to double the pleasure.

A: Get an inspirational talk about the latest development in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and spatial computing.

B: Get an inspirational talk from one of our friends who import wine about a selected wine. Taste the wine.

C: Try some XR experiences.

D: Repeat B and C a couple of times.

This event is best in the late afternoon or early evening – but who are we to judge.

We can come to you, or we can host your event in our old ballroom in the Odd Fellow Mansion in the center of Copenhagen.

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Virsabi is a company that explores the intersection of creativity and technologies and is one of the first Virtual – and Augmented Reality dedicated companies offering both business advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and other new visualization technologies.