FLSmidth gives a rare insight into mineral processing

> A Virtual Reality experience

A unique look inside

We have created a unique Virtual Reality experience for FLSmidth. Placing you inside FLSmidth’s mixedROWTM flotation tanks, the experience gives the viewer a rare look at the inside of a flotation tank and an understanding of the processes used for separating out minerals.

The up to 660 m3 flotation tanks are filled with slurry and water in which the ideal flow stream and strong turbulence are created. The tanks are dark, wet and muddy, so there’s no way to get in there to experience for yourself how the processes work.

In collaboration with FLSmidth, we changed that. Putting on a pair of VR glasses places you right inside the tanks allowing for a deeper understanding of the equipment. The experience shows and explains mixedROW while letting you move around and look at the inside of the tank from different angles.

A tool for commercial and internal use

With the VR experience, FLSmidth now has a unique tool they can use commercially:

“This experience wouldn’t have been possible without VR. It gives those working with flotation tanks a look inside the tanks that they’ve never had before, even if they’ve worked with the tanks for years. On top of that, we can now give our customers a better understanding of our technology and processes they’ll use in their plants,”

How did we do it?

The mixedROW VR experience is the result of a close collaboration with FLSmidth. We benefitted from the deep knowledge of FLSmidth’s specialists who gave us the understanding and insight we needed to build the experience. The simulated tanks are based on the computer-aided design drawings that the physical tanks are built after, making the experience as true to reality as possible.

For our team, it was a fun challenge to visualize the processes in mixedROW and show how the minerals separate from the slurry and attach themselves to the bubbles in the flotation process. Our team worked especially hard on optimizing the assets in the experience to make it smooth for the viewer.

Visualizing the benefits of mixedROW

Experiencing mixedROW in VR gives customers a unique experience they couldn’t get from looking at mixedROW installed in real life.

Placing the viewer inside of the tanks, it was possible for us to visualize the processes resulting in benefits of mixedROW such as a lower energy consumption and a higher recovery of minerals.

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