Future of training firefighters and other brave people

Saving lives is not easy, and being brave is not enough. You have to know what you’re doing to save lives, while not losing yours.

Training and Onboarding

Risk Reduction


What value do they bring?

Safety, efficiency and reliability. Just some of the requirements to be a firefighter, police officer, and soldier – combined with characteristics such as nerves of steel, bravery, and situational awareness. However, having to make decisions in short periods of time under a lot of stress and sometimes with lives at stake, new and upcoming people who aspire to be saving lives and keeping us safe need proper training to ensure safety to both us and themselves.  

VR is a perfect way to teach these brave people in uniform both knowledge training, and how to deal with emotional challenges that will accompany them throughout their career. 

Preparing for worst case scenarios

While people in different color uniforms undergo training before going into real action, it is often costly, and takes a lot of time to ensure that they are well equipped for challenges of their daily life – time they could spend saving lives.  

It is important that they undergo this training though, as one small mistake can lead to a series of unfortunate events. That is where VR is often implemented, due to its immersiveness and increased knowledge comprehension. However, VR can help in other ways, such as: 

  • Increased job readiness, 
  • Reduced training time, 
  • Improved learning outcomes, 
  • Reduced errors. 

Additionally, due to versatility of VR, different realistic scenarios can be created. It ensures that the emotional part is taught as well depending on the situation presented, meaning that people in uniforms would have a realistic experience with what lies ahead on their career path. 

VR training in environments far away

People in uniforms often work outside of their usual environments, especially soldiers. It is therefore important to ensure that they are well equipped for their deployment. In VR, every environment can be recreated with high detail. It further adds to the emotional part of the training, and also improves overall learning outcomes.  

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