Give remote assistance with Augmented Reality

Use Augmented Reality for remote assistance when you’re no longer able to travel to help your customers and colleagues.

We are experiencing, and will continue to experience, many limitations, not least when it comes to our work. Here, Augmented Reality is a great tool that lets us collaborate on solving challenges across locations.

These days, it’s incredibly important that we make sure to keep machines running. If you or your customers work in production, then you know that the most important thing is to keep production lines running smooth. And to quickly get them up and running again if breakdowns do occur.

The challenges these days are unusual. Right now, we are unable to travel to help our customers and colleagues when problems need solving – for example a breakdown in production. And we will only need more help on site when local specialists get sick. So how do we help each other without meeting each other?

Easier and faster to provide support

Remote assistance in AR can be the answer. Either through a pair of AR glasses, a tablet, or a smartphone, a specialist can provide remote assistance to a colleague. Across the globe or on the other side of the wall if that’s what the circumstances call for. That way we can take the necessary precautions – while saving both time and money on transport and increasing productivity.

Virsabi has already implemented solutions for remote assistance at a number of Danish industrial and pharmaceutical companies, and we have experience with for instance Microsoft HoloLens, RealWear, and smartphone-based solutions. We’ve seen many examples of how these technologies make providing support both easier and faster.

For a supplier of advanced production equipment, we for instance implemented a solution that lets them support their end customer when it’s time for the customer to operate and troubleshoot the plant. That increases uptime, optimizes operations, and means less travel time for the supplier’s support staff.

Get up and running quickly

We can help facilitate a quick needs clarification process for your company. We will work together to find the solution that matches your needs.

Together, we can get you started with a scalable solution within 2-3 weeks. We start with online workshops and then proceed with quickly setting up test units and involving of your employees.

We understand that the need is big, and resources are low these days. That’s why we worked hard to bring the price down to make it affordable for more companies. Prices start at DKK 49,000 plus expenses for software and hardware. 


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Send us an email at vr@virsasbi. Then we will call you to talk about your options
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