From crisis to solution in 30 minutes with RealWear

Hans Buch was in the process of developing a service concept with RealWear when they had to think and move fast. A new challenge accelerated the company’s use of the headset which enables collaboration across distances.


Hans Buch

Increase Efficiency

Key employees in isolation

COVID-19 has put a spurt on things at Hans Buch. Recently, the company put one of their RealWear headsets to use for the first time and solved a challenge they would not have cracked, had it not been for the headset.

Repairing starters for ships’ motors is one of the tasks which Hans Buch solves for its customers. A task in which their experts are specialized, and which they can almost perform sleeping. But recently, an unfamiliar situation arose when COVID-19 had sent many of the company’s employees in isolation in their homes.

For a while, the only people in the office outside Copenhagen was the CEO Henriette Olsen, a division manager, and a salesman. And after days with no sight of the specialists returning to the office, they knew something had to be done. A customer had dropped off a starter which needed repair before the ship could continue sailing.

Solution mode

“We had been waiting for more people to return to the office. But that never happened, corona only became a bigger issue. I panicked a little, but then I went in solution mode to make sure we solved our challenge. And that required us to learn something new.” says CEO Henriette Olsen.

Shortly before, the company had bought a handful of RealWear headsets for the development of a service concept. Because the wearer can use their hands to stream their field of vision to someone in another location, Hans Buch will be able to use RealWear to provide service to customers at a distance. But first, the headset needed to be put into use sooner than they had imagined.

Up and running in 30 minutes

From the office, Hans Buch called Virsabi who sold them the glasses and are their partner on the service concept. In a 30-minute video meeting through Microsoft Teams, Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer at Virsabi, instructed salesman Stephan Rikardt Jørgensen on how to get started with RealWear.

“He knew nothing about the headset and had never seen it before. But after a 30-minute talk and explanation, he knew exactly how to handle it,” says Jens Lauritsen. Afterwards, from their own homes, the two isolated specialists could guide Stephan Rikardt Jørgensen to repair the starter. The specialists were both enthusiastic and impressed with how clearly they could see things through the headset and with the level of detail. And it did not require any special software, because the headset works in both Microsoft Teams and in TeamViewer.

“We would have never managed to solve this task over the phone or through FaceTime. It was amazing to experience what we can accomplish with RealWear – in this case solving a task that would’ve otherwise been impossible to perform. And it really means a lot, because it would’ve cost us customer satisfaction and many hundreds of thousands of kroner, had we not managed to send that ship off,” says Henriette Olsen.

realwear mixed reality headset


realwear mixed reality headset welding

Digitalization is now

The new experience with RealWear makes an even bigger difference for Hans Buch than just having helped in this one situation:

“We’ve also had our eyes opened to the many other business opportunities that come with this technology. And we’ve become aware that we must and can use it and accelerate our digitalization. Because it’s not the future – it’s now,” says Henriette Olsen.

Now, Hans Buch is continuing its work on the service concept centering around RealWear. Because if anything, the company just proved that the tool can be used to create real business value.

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