Technology ready to revolutionize your industry and the way you work and collaborate globally.

The wearable computer for your frontline-workers

Why you need a holoLens

The HoloLens is a tool ready to boost your industrial production, your training, and your support by effectively making it remote.

With a head-mounted display you can share information and collaborate across distances, create better documentation, and digitalize existing processes to increase efficiency.

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Remote support

A sustainable and cost-effective solution. Lower your carbon footprint.


Digitalize and optimize your processes to increase efficiency.


Share information effortlessly with a head-mounted camera and display.
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The alternative

RealWear HMT-1

RealWear’s head-mounted display, the HMT-1, provides similar benefits as the HoloLens but at a lower cost.

It is voice controlled, dust tight, water resistant, can be worn with a safety helmet and is ready for use in your industry. The RealWear HMT-1 is the perfect tool in a world that increasingly requires effective solutions for remote communication.

A good place to start

Remote Support

As long as the local maintenance people on site are equipped with HoloLens or RealWear, you can use remote collaboration and guide them through almost any technical process.

Remote collaboration allows user to get in touch with remote experts to help fix issues instantly. The experts will be able to see live video from the HoloLens, and then draw and add graphics on top of this view for the HoloLens wearer to use as guidance to solve the task in real-time. Problem solving has never been this fast and easy, as you simply communicate in an ordinary Microsoft Teams meeting. A great steppingstone for companies wanting to take advantage of the HoloLens and mixed reality technology.

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For new customers to get started

In collaboration with us, you will identify challenges in your organisation that you can solve using RealWear or HoloLens technology. Together, we will generate ideas for how you can use head-mounted displays to create value throughout your organisation.

Presentation of VR, AR and MR

You will get a presentation of the technologies. Learn where they originated, where they are today, and how you can utilize them in your business.

VR/AR/MR device demo

Try it yourself! Get hands-on experience with the technology. One of our experts will guide you through a demo of the technologies.

Ideation process

Get inspired. We will facilitate an ideation process where you bring ideas to the table. The first step in using VR/AR/MR to get ahead in your industry.


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