Training in VR increases GDPR compliance

A new training experience in virtual reality raises awareness about data handling in Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. 

Virtual Reality Training

Increased Data Safety

Hovedstadens Beredskab

What: A virtual reality training experience

Every day the employees of Greater Copenhagen Fire Department handles large amounts of personal data. To ensure that all employees are aware of and handle these data in compliance with the GDPR rules, they developed a training experience in virtual reality in collaboration with Virsabi. 

The training experience includes three different scenes that match the daily work of the ambulance staff and the administrative workers. 

The virtual reality training experience is embedded in VR headsets that everyone in the organization get to try. In the different scenes they get embedded in e.g. an ambulance or an office environment and have to spot different breaches of data security. 

Why: To ensure awareness and compliance of GDPR – and remember the learnings

In today’s world, an organization like Greater Copenhagen Fire Department not only needs to take care of people, it also needs to take care of their data. And data protection needs to be a routine that the staff do without thinking even when the sirens are on. 

That’s why it needs to be trained. Because no matter how many flyers, posters, e-mails, and campaigns you see, it does not stick in your memory when the heat is one. Training in VR does. 

Training in VR is engaging, and because you are totally immersed and physically engaged in the experience, the learning sticks to memory much better than when you are just hearing or reading the same messages. 

How: Enter the ambulance and spot the breach

With the VR headset on, the employees of Greater Copenhagen Fire Department can enter three different environments that they are familiar with.  

For instance, we have filmed their office and the inside of an ambulance with a 360-degree camera. You can look around the room in all angles and scattered around are different possible breaches of data security. 

The employees need to spot the different breaches and are scored on time and number of breaches identified.  

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