How to strengthen the weakest link in cyber securit

Imagine if you could run a campaign to increase cyber security, which would actually make employees change their behavior. With virtual reality training, you get a big step closer to that goal.

The biggest threat to a breach of cyber security is yourself. Of course, not you, but your colleagues who still have not understood that passwords should not be kept on a post-it under the desk pad (even though everyone still knows that its Qwerty1234), or that they should remember to lock their computer, when they go to get a cup of coffee.

Whether you are on your way back to the office co-working space or working from home is a regular part of your business life in the future, you should never weaken your attention to cyber security. But how do you really get employees to remember all the good advice when now all previous campaigns seem to have had limited effect.

At Virsabi, we have a good answer to that.

“Make it fun and educational by combining gamification with an experience in Virtual Reality. When you undergo training in Virtual Reality, you are interacting with all the senses, and therefore all studies show that users remember the learning longer than when they get the same information presented through other methods of teaching,” says Søren Olsen, Strategic Advisor at Virsabi.

Find the bugs – fast

In collaboration with NNIT, Virsabi has helped the Danish Health and Medicines Authority focus on behavior in connection with cyber security. We did this with a simple solution, where we built up a virtual office landscape with a number of breaches of good IT behavior. The employees put on a Virtual Reality headset and then had to identify the errors under time pressure.

“When we see a roll-up in the canteen or a new campaign on the intranet, many of us probably have a tendency to think that it does not really concern us. But as soon as you get the VR headset on, you have to be 100 percent attentive to the subject. When we then add a time aspect, it also gives the employees something to talk about afterwards, as those who want to, can compare results,” says Søren Olsen.

Create cohesion

To make it extra recognizable and present for employees, the background for such an experience can be a 360-degree video of your own office, or we can build an accurate 3D model of your office landscape that employees can move around in.

“You can of course use a completely generic office, but with a relatively small effort, the experiences can be adapted so that employees recognize environments and issues that are specific to your company – in this way you can also use the experience for internal storytelling to create cohesion. in the company,” says Søren Olsen.

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