How to tell your company’s story with VR

story telling in VR

Being able to explain what your company does, and what value it brings to the world is crucial to your company’s long-term success. If you want to get journalists, investors, potential customers, and partners on your side, and stand out from the clutter of messages and competitors, you need to be able to tell your company’s story like nobody else. That is why AR and VR can be a powerful tool for brands.

So where is the catch? You have to know how to use VR to its fullest potential.

When you work with an emerging technology like virtual reality, one of the hardest parts is simply the technology and explaining what you do with it. The average person will struggle to understand the technology itself. And you have to remember that your customers will be experiencing VR for the first time ever. This is where professionals like us at Virsabi can help you.

Our creative director (who is also a professional storyteller), together with content creators will come up with solutions and equip you with the best ways for virtual, augmented and mixed reality to tell your unique story.

How can you know it works?

Let’s take the fashion industry. VR and AR are both very well placed to satisfy the consumer’s constant need for an experience that is impressive and unique.

“Fashion realised this really early on. In 2014, TopShop had a VR event at its London Store that gave viewers the experience of being in a runway show at London Fashion week,” said Rachel Arthur, brand strategist and innovation consultant, “Since then many other brands have gotten in the game. In 2015, Dior took customers back stage to watch models get made up – with the aim of selling the makeup.” It is a great example how companies can use VR during events.


For the long-term there is a different solution.

A good example is Sephora’s virtual-artist app which uses AR to allow users to try on different shades of lipstick on their own faces. And you can follow makeup tutorials that suit YOUR face. Sounds like the future of advertising. Customers have never been easier to connect with, thanks to AR technology.

Virtual and augmented reality is redefining the rules around narrative structure, character development and storytelling. It is an opportunity to tell a completely new story. The only question is: Are you ready to amaze and be amazed?

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