The leading XR platform Immerse now available to Virsabi customers

The Immerse Platform is the open, scalable platform for all immersive experiences, enabling enterprise organizations to aggregate, distribute, and measure the performance of bespoke and off-the-shelf XR training content.

The platform includes an intuitive dashboard that allows partners to clearly demonstrate the power of their XR training with easy-to-understand content, learner, and data insights.

Distribute and scale XR apps to learners across your organization

Deploy training on any VR headset, desktop, browser or mobile, ensuring the user journey is frictionless, targeted, and secure.

Aggregate all your organization’s XR content into one easy-to-use platform

You can upload XR content from any source in any format: VR, AR, MR, 360 Video, WebGL, or create your training apps with the Immerse SDK. In addition, you can choose from over 150 off-the-shelf training modules on the Immerse Marketplace.

Measure business impact and ROI with advanced analytics

From completion statements to every user interaction, track the data that suits your needs and integrate standardized reporting into your LMS such as SuccessFactors, Workday, Cornerstone and more.

immerse marketplace
immerse platform tracking

The successful combination of these three core pillars, plus enterprise-grade security standards, has allowed Immerse to create a scalable and truly open ecosystem empowering the enterprise to leverage best in class immersive experiences that satisfy a wide variety of use cases.

Read the press release about our collaboration with Immerse.

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