Increase conversions in online shops with 94%

How many of the visitors on your webshop convert to paying customers? Would you like that number to double? According to Shopify, 3D models in Augmented Reality (AR) increase the conversion rate by 94%, and we are very good at making these models at Virsabi.​

3D models allow users to rotate your product and see it from all angles, and with the same model in AR, users can place your product in their own physical environment via their smartphone or tablet.

“We’ve all played with AR filters and effects on Snapchat, Messenger and online video meetings. The technology has matured, and consumers are ready and eager to use it,” says Michael Harboe, CEO of Virsabi.

Why does it work so well?

A suggestion as to why AR models get more users to complete the purchase is that they speak to both the head and the heart.

“AR models speak to the heart because they make online shopping a physical experience. The user can place the products in their home, garden, or business, and you can be a group of people who experience the product in different locations. It provides a good experience and basis for a conversation. The same features speak to the head because you are able to see if the product fits into your surroundings before you buy it,” says Michael Harboe.

The latter argument also argues that the amount of returned goods is reduced with AR models.

Among many other things, Virsabi has made AR models of lamps and furniture, where the level of detail is so high that you can go up close and for example, see the minor details in the wood of a chair. The level of detail combined with the ability to move around the product and see it from all angles also helps ensure the costumer that there is consistency between the content on the website and the content in the delivery box.

How to get AR models on your webshop

A good AR model requires a good 3D model. Today, many products are designed in 3D, and in many cases, the models of the drawing program can convert directly into a usable 3D model. If no usable 3D drawings are available, Virsabi can build the model up from scratch. Later, Virsabi then continues to work with the models in a software, that makes it possible to use the models in AR and for example, ensures that shadows fall correctly.

“The level of detail is crucial for the quality. The users get the opportunity to get very close to the product, and therefore we must give them as realistic an experience as possible, so that they feel like buying the product,” says Michael Harboe.

The AR models can then either be embedded in an app or displayed directly in your webshop via a browser.

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