Jabra presents Sound Lab in 360-degree video

An exclusive tour of the Jabra Sound Lab in 360-degree video

We set up a couple of 360 cameras and recorded an exclusive virtual tour of the Jabra Sound Lab. In the video, Jabra offers everyone a virtual reality tour of its sound lab, which is located deep within Jabra’s headquarters in Denmark and is generally closed to the public.

Visitors will in this 360-degree virtual reality tour get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating journey an audio device makes all the way from idea to the actual concept. And this tour gives the viewer an experience of what it would feel like if they were right there in the room with the guide. But more importantly this is a tour of one of the most advanced sound labs anywhere in the world.

Where to find it

The experience has since been used at an exhibition in Las Vegas and at other Jabra exhibitions. A simpler version of the experience is available above.

Since launch, the device used to deliver the experience has been changed to the Oculus Go, which is an exciting new VR headset that increases the quality and immersion of the experience significantly.

This experience is also available at our office along with all of the other exciting projects we’ve done.

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