Mixed Reality increases value throughout the whole value-chain from sales to support

Augmented Reality is through the Hololens 2 now fully part of Jorgensen Engineering’s support. The Danish production company that develops solutions for the food- and healthcare industry was a part of the DIGITAL REALITY-project.

Mixed Reality Experience

Jorgensen Engineering

Digital Reality

Experiences with DIGITAL REALITY

Jorgensen Engineering wanted to make knowledge about operations and troubleshooting on their production facility more accessible. A solution was to display visual manuals and video instructions in Mixed Reality, that can be viewed while employees are standing in front of their tasks in the production. Having the information available right there where they need it, reduces the time used to find information and minimizes the risk of errors being made. At the same time, it enables the development of innovative and improved processes. Mixed Reality glasses free the employee’s hands, while the relevant information is available exactly where the task is being solved.

Jorgensen has also explored their options with Virtual Reality where they can explore a simulated 3D-design and setup of their facilities both internally and with clients.

“We introduced MR-technology into a production that is dominated by conservatism. But after the technologies were demonstrated and everyone got the opportunity to see what it can actually be used for, we took it in with open arms. Our employees realize this is the future. They are proud to be first movers and to be a part of a company that has chosen to prioritize the DIGITAL REALITY-technologies,” says Simon Tofte, Head of Projects, Jorgensen.

Better understanding and insight when information is being made available in Mixed Reality

Jorgensen Engineering received an MR-solution, that makes manuals and video instructions available right where the employee needs information. It reduces time spent training, sharing information, and it opens doors to new digitalized processes.

Another use of the technology is with remote support. Here Jorgensen can see the problem through the clients’ eyes and share digital instructions and information in the form of pictures, files, and links. This makes it possible for Jorgensen to help customers directly with their challenges instead of spending unnecessary time and resources sending a civil-engineer out of the house.

Maintenance and troubleshooting reinvented

Jorgensen Engineering often performs maintenance and troubleshooting on their packaging facility. This process has been reinvented by introducing an MR-solution, where the focus has been to make information easier to access and to provide instructions to specific tasks. Jorgensen already has digital manuals available on mobile devices, but the MR-solution means it is possible to stay focused on the task, while hands are free to work.

“When we got our hands on the technology and investigated the options ourselves, the demand for a solution like this grew on its own.”

By giving employees access to the MR-technology (here the Microsoft HoloLens 2) you have the options to provide remote support through online calls. Here they can share their field of view, files, video and instructions directly on top of what the counterparty is seeing. This approach enables Jorgensen to give direct support no matter the distance between them and the client. It’s used specifically when units need inspection at a client, or when a problem that demands support occurs.

Information at eye level

The term “Mixed Reality” covers the digital technologies that visually project data in front of the wearer’s eyes, where it is possible to interact directly with the projections using hands or voice commands. The most well-known MR-device is the Microsoft HoloLens (focus on large datasets and information in the production) and RealWear (focus on simplicity and usage in the field). Both are developed to support processes in environments with bad lighting and noise up to 70dB, where normal devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones can’t be used.

“We have allocated and spend a lot of resources on the project, but it has run so successfully that ROI already covers it.”


DIGITAL REALITY is a finished project whose purpose was to accelerate competitive abilities with Danish industrial companies, by utilizing Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. The ambition for the project was to create a real, measurable effect of the usage of VR, AR, and MR-technologies at the chosen companies.

The project was executed by a collective team from KRING, DTU, and Virsabi that together with the participating industrial companies, explored the potential for service- and production improvements. The participating companies were chosen on behalf of their company profile, engagement, and digitalization strategy.

The project’s experiences and results have contributed to the making of a toolbox with recommendations and concrete tools, that your company can use to kickstart the utilization of VR, AR, and MR.

Read more on the project’s website: https://www.digital-reality.dk/

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