Make it easy to choose the perfect kitchen

Kitchen Builder is the app that lets your customers place your kitchens in their own home before they make the final decision
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Give your customers increased involvement

With Kitchen Builder, you’ll give your customers a unique experience of designing their dream kitchen themselves – exactly where it’s meant to be mounted.

The app, which we customize for your company and its needs and visual expression, lets the customers play around with elements, colors, and materials. And it gives them the option to adjust it all until they have created exactly the kitchen they’re dreaming of.

Scrap the drawing and let the customer experience the kitchen in their own home

Kitchen Builder replaces the old-fashioned, flat drawing and lets the customer experience the kitchen in their own home. Once the customer has chosen and placed photorealistic 3D models of the kitchen elements, he or she can walk around their new kitchen before they place their order.

Using the newest technology, Kitchen Builder ensures that your customers get the exact kitchen that fits perfectly into their home

Clear overview of elements and prices

Easy for the customer to make small or big adjustments, until it feels just right

App easily updated when you introduce new products, materials, and colors

Help your customer make the right decisions that fit into their home

Advanced, but user-friendly technology shows your products in real-life sizes

Optimized sales process saves resources and creates a unique buying experience

Sell smarter with Kitchen Builder

Kitchen Builder was developed to make it easier for the consumers to choose and put together their new kitchens. But the app is just as much for you who sell kitchens. B ecause Kitchen Builder is the ultimate sales tool that optimizes your sales process, so you can give your customers n even better experience.

Let’s talk about how you can use the app to help your customers choose the kitchen that perfectly matches their needs and fits into their homes. Let us know how you’d prefer to hear from us, and we’ll reach out to talk about how your business – and your customers – can benefit from Kitchen Builder