Klimaklar - The app that reveals the consequences of climate change

The Klimaklar app shows where water will collect in the Danish city Odense when the skies start to really open. The app uses augmented reality to give the citizens of Odense an impression of what a climate change adaptation project could look like on their street.

 Increased climate awareness and a better understanding of introduced solutions for climate change adaptation are benefits of the app.

Augmented Reality App


Raising Awareness

Rain, rain, and then some more rain​

Virsabi developed the app Klimaklar. Through augmented reality (AR), the app gives the people of Odense a look into the consequences of climate change in their local area.

“We’re already experiencing bigger amounts of rain than we were 50 years ago. And we expect even more in the future as a result of climate changes. That’s why we’re working to prepare Odense for the increasing amounts of rainwater. The Klimaklar app is part of that work,” says program manager Carsten Emil Jespersen from the City of Odense.

In 2017, the City of Odense initiated the EU-funded project The Odense Model – Climate Change Adaptation in Odense. The project works to utilize the increased amounts of rainwater for creating new, recreational value for the inhabitants, for instance beds of flowers and trees that also handle rainwater on residential streets.

Shows where water will collect

The Klimaklar app gives the user a unique overview. Exactly which areas in Odense will be flooded in case of heavy rain? Will my house be at risk of flooding? The user can find the answers to these questions in the app.

With the app, the user can place a height indicator and adjust the volume of rain to see how high the water level will be right where the user is. In addition, the user has access to a 3D map where he or she can see where the water will gather in central Odense.

With Geodata and GPS combined, see the water level 20, 50 or 100 years from now at your location in Odense.

Augmented reality based on location and geodata

The app is based on geodata. Overflights of the whole country have given precise data with a measurement per 40 centimeters. Climate experts from engineering consultancy company NIRAS used the data from Odense to make hydrological analyses that show where water will collect when a given amount of rain falls.

The Klimaklar app uses these data in combination with GPS coordinates and the camera on the user’s smartphone or tablet. It shows the water level after different rain scenarios right where the user points the camera – in AR. You can also see which parts of central Odense will be challenged by water after heavy rain, and citizens of Odense can place virtual rain beds on their own streets.

We developed the Klimaklar app in close collaboration with the City of Odense, VandCenter Syd, and NIRAS. Because Klimaklar is based on geodata, some of the features only work when the user is in Odense.

Communication tool enhances understanding

Through the Klimaklar app, the citizens that will be affected by the climate change adaptation efforts get a look into the necessity of these solutions. And the municipality can use the app as a communication tool:

“We will use the app in our dialogue with the citizens of Odense about new initiatives when it comes to climate change adaptation. It can be hard to imagine how much space a rain bed is going to take up on your street, or if the trees in the bed are going to block the light that comes through your windows. We used to only use satellite drawings to communicate these projects. We would mark future rain beds with yellow squares on a map. But with the Klimaklar app, we now have a visual tool that creates better communication and a much deeper understanding of the value the climate solutions will bring to the citizens and society.” says Carsten Emil Jespersen from the City of Odense.

A difference for the climate

By making clear the consequences of climate changes in the users’ local environment, the app has a potential to affect the users’ climate awareness.

Virsabi is proud to be part of a project that can make a difference for the climate:

“We believe that the app will affect users’ behavior by giving an insight into the consequences of climate changes. I’m super excited that we made a project that can actually make a difference when it comes to SDG 13 about climate action. We hope that the app will inspire users to make more smart choices that benefit the climate.” says Michael Harboe, CEO of Virsabi.

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