Kvik Annual Meeting​

Kvik created an atmosphere of presence, togetherness and business understanding from the studio in Copenhagen​.

This year’s annual meeting for all employees in the kitchen company Kvik was a digital affair. Yet the show included an award show and a DJ. The show was streamed live in HD from Virsabi’s Virtual Production Studio in Copenhagen to shops and offices in Europe and Thailand.

Virtual Production



Digital Meeting from Virsabi's Virtual Production Studio

Two days of partying with colleagues from all our Europe and Thailand in a full exhibition center in Herning, Denmark. Costumes, managers performing sketches, live music, and dance till early morning. And then of course a lot of professional content with supplier exhibitions and strategic deliveries from top management during the day.

The annual meeting in Kvik is an event that all employees look forward to and talk about for a long time afterwards. But this year, flying all employees into Denmark and gathering so many people was just not an option. Instead, the big question is how to create the same atmosphere and energy when doing the event digitally.

“You can’t. We were aware of that and instead we challenged ourselves to show all our employees how much is actually possible to convey digitally if you utilize the digital opportunities rather than try to re-create the normal event,” says Jens-Peter Poulsen, Managing Director in Kvik A/S.

An approach that fits right in with the current development in Kvik, where digital tools are used increasingly to sell kitchens and bathrooms through for instance video meetings and simulation of possible variations of designs in the customers’ homes.

“I’m truly pleased that we decided to hold the meeting even though it was digitally. Together with Virsabi’s team we showed our employees that you can do more digitally, than you think. In itself that has a lot of value.” says Jens-Peter Poulsen whom among other things introduced the employees for an ambitions growth strategy for the coming years.

Trust defined the choice of supplier

Instead of gathering in the exhibition center in Herning, the employees were gathered in smaller groups in their stores or offices – and one team even hired a local cinema for the day. Here they could see the annual meeting been streamed live from Virsabi’s Virtual Production Studio in Copenhagen, and as it was streamed in HD, even the group in the cinema enjoyed crystal clear pictures.

Parts of the show were live, while among other things a sketch with the managing director and the presentation of upcoming products were pre-recorded. During the show, videos from different suppliers were aired so they could introduce their products and send greetings to the Kvik team. The entire show consisted of about 20 different blocks of content – a lot to keep track of in the studio and in the preparation phase.

Specially developed emoji canon

During the breaks, pictures from Kvik’s intranet were shown on the screen, allowing the different locations to get their pictures on a big screen. And as a special gimmick, Virsabi developed an emoji canon for the event. With the emoji canon, the employees could make emojis fly across the bottom part of the screen, giving a constant feeling of presence. The emojis were especially flying fast during the award show when Allan Nørgaard revealed this year’s rookie, salesperson, and franchisee among others.

“Under normal circumstances I love being on stage and handing out these awards. But honestly, I was a bit nervous about being in a studio and trying to convey some of that energy to the camera. To see all those emojis on my monitor gave me a boost and a sense of a crowd listening and paying attention. Virsabi also created a green room with flags, balloons, and all sorts of treats which created a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere for those of us presenting from the studio. It was just one of those days where everything came into place,” Allan Nørgaard says.

In the virtual forest with the product manager

Everything also came into place for Kvik’s Head of Category Management and Design, Claus Johnsen. Being responsible for new products, he is a popular figure among the many salespersons around Europe. That also made him a central player in the digital event, and he performed live on different occasions and participated in a couple of pre-recorded videos. One of the pre-recorded videos used the virtual technology in Virsabi’s studio to create an illusion of him being in a forest while he talked about the philosophy of sustainability behind Kvik’s new line of sustainable kitchen products.

“Virsabi’s team managed to make it fun and natural to be in front of the camera and present to my colleagues. From the first phase of ideation and writing scripts they understood our thoughts and objectives, and the instructor, the camera crew, and the sound engineer were just so calm and competent all the way through. They are just all really nice people, and they did everything in order for me just to focus on talking about the products.” says Claus Johnsen who also highlights the project management and the graphic elements scattered throughout the show.

“It’s obvious that 3D graphic is a core strength of Virsabi, as even the smallest details in the graphics during the breaks were caressed for. Details like that just adds to the vibe of quality and professionalism. And it doesn’t seem like a coincidence because the project management from A to Z has been so well structured and executed.” he says

Kvik is ready to go again

The days of presenting in front of the camera did not end with the annual meeting for Claus Johnsen. In a few weeks, he’ll be back in Virsabi’s Virtual Production Studio.

“We have to introduce our new product lines to media all over Europe at a large PR event. We immediately booked Virsabi to solve that task for us as well.” he says.

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