Like a Teams meeting on steroids

With HoloLens and Microsoft Mesh you can have virtual meetings where you work with the same 3D-models and can interact with them physically. The technology is ideal if you are looking for high quality information sharing along with the feeling of being in the same physical space.

Replace the Zoom-meetings with HoloLens-meetings

If you often collaborate with others across time and space, you can benefit from investing in HoloLens.
With the virtual glasses you and your colleagues are not only able communicate with each other as if you were in the same place, but you can interact with the same 3D-models despite being in different places of the world. It takes knowledge sharing to a whole new level.

“We can use Microsoft Mesh to allow people to collaborate even though they are apart. So, we are looking at a vessel in 3D. We have multiple people: some in the same room, some who are joining remotely. What we can do here is to allow the customer to see the 3D-model and we can make changes, communicate, and visualize how this thing works,” says Jens Lauritsen product manager in Virsabi.

HoloLens optimizes the design process

When there is a short deadline or it is difficult finding time to get the customer to verify the design, HoloLens is the ideal tool. With 3D-models it is possible to shorten the design process:

“The design process of a product line, a vessel or a building can be reduced significantly because it is easy to understand and to make adjustments,“ says Jens Lauritsen.

Get more out of your collaboration and working hours with HoloLens.

Whether you are an IT expert or not, HoloLens is for you

You don’t have be an IT expert to reap the benefits of HoloLens, and the possibilities go far beyond having meetings in Mesh.

We help you and your colleagues identify and leverage the benefits, HoloLens provides for your business so anyone who wants to process optimize and share information in a new and educational way, can benefit from HoloLens.

Virsabi has many competent experts who are ready to get you started with the technology and take your first steps into the metaverse.

Technology for all kinds of industries

Virsabi helps customers within almost all kinds of industries. Therefore, we are confident that we can also take your business to new technological heights.

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