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The story of linie Aquavit explained in augmented reality

Augmented Reality Experience

Linie Brand Experience

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Spreading The Word​

It all started with a promise. Every drop of Linie Aquavit has been sent on a sea journey across the world to mature since 1807. Some people thought it had no truth to it as of 2019, and so Linie started a campaign to prove to the world that this journey across the oceans still takes place today and that it remains a vital process in gaining the distinctive taste of Linie Aquavit.

Together with Linie and Nørgård Mikkelsen we developed an experience that tells the story of Linie, unfolding right on your Christmas dinner table. The story is told through an AR app that lets customers get a taste of this four month, maturing journey utilizing augmented reality to tell the story. Pick up your phone, download the app, grab a bottle of Aquavit and you’re ready to go.

Mr. Lysholm himself is here to tell you the story. How the sea journey started, and why it’s still being done today. The experience lets the user decide what to hear and see by moving the mobile-device to the many points of interest.

The journey starts in Oslo where the barrels are loaded. Then it sets off on a 4-month journey crossing the equator twice! Stops include Singapore, Australia, and the Panama Canal.

Image Recognition

Activating the experience is done with image recognition. Open the LINIE app on your iPhone and simply point your iPhone’s camera towards the LINIE Aquavit label on the bottle. This spawns the experience with the bottle in the center. If you don’t have a bottle you can always access the help menu, to start the experience without it. 

Made To Engage Users​

When you want to tell a story, it’s often more powerful to show it. With the LINIE experience, you get a combination. It’s all about engaging customers and getting the message through – that LINIE Aquavit is more than just a bottle of spirits. An app like this will both enhance the user experience, strengthen the brand, and tell a unique story. 

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