3D lights up B2B sales for Louis Poulsen

An interactive 3D product configurator right on the website makes it faster and easier for architects and lighting designers to include the new Flindt Plaza light fixture from Louis Poulsen in their designs.

What: The perfect interactive sales tool

No plugins or logins needed. Architects and designers can configure their own version of the Flindt Plaza light fixture directly on Louis Poulsen’s website.

Flindt Plaza has an almost infinite number of combinations as you can adjust colors, light grid, color temperature, the angle of the light distribution, not to mention the height of the pole and the number of light modules.

With the configurator, architects can easily design a version of the lamp that suits the environment they are working on without any assistance from a salesperson or 3D designer.

Once happy with their design, they can download the model as a 3D model suitable for Autodesk or Revit and easily continue working with it in their overall designs. It can of course be downloaded as an image file as well if they just need to show it to a client for approval.

The technical specifications are immediately available at the click of a button, and when you are ready to order you simply fill out a form and get a sales quote for exactly your configuration.

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Why: Ease the process for buyers and sellers

Lighting design plays an important role for the atmosphere in an outdoor environment. The lamps themselves as well as how the light falls on the ground can completely change a landscape.

Architects need to take this into account when designing a landscape. But how do they find the right lamp, how can they be sure exactly how the light falls, and how can they make sure that their illustrations will match the final solution?

With the interactive 3D product configurator of Flindt Plaza, Louis Poulsen and Virsabi solved these problems. Among other things, the configurator allows for a 360-degree interactive view of the light post, indicative light simulation, and scale of the fixture.

And equally important – the architects don’t need to flip through a catalogue or talk extensively with a salesperson to design their own version of the lamp. The configurator makes it simple and visual to design the lamp in the right height, with the right number of space and light modules, and with the right angle and temperature of the light.

It speeds up the process for the designers, and it frees time for the sales team.

How: Configurator linked up with Product Information Management system

The interactive 3D product configurator works directly in the desktop browser. The front end is closely integrated with the backend and the configurator draws data from Louis Poulsen’s Product Information Management system.

For the end users this means that not only do they get an accurate 3D model of their very own design of the lamp; all technical specifications are also completely accurate.

For Louis Poulsen it eases the order handling substantially.

The configurator allows you to customize the product to fit your needs. You can pick the amount of lamps, their individual rotation, color temperature and more.

Who: 3D specialists from Virsabi

In collaboration with Louis Poulsen, Virsabi developed the interactive 3D product configurator.

Based on specifications from Louis Poulsen, we modelled all parts of the lamp in Unity software. We developed it in such a way that it is easy and intuitive for the end user to design their own 3D model and twist and turn it in any direction directly in the browser.

We have used the same techniques as when we develop 3D models for virtual and augmented reality and specified it for usage on the web. Furthermore, we have ensured that the configurations can be exported in file formats usable with the most important software for architects.

The web implementation was made in collaboration with Louis Poulsen’s web agency Vertica (https://www.vertica.dk/).

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Online interactive 3D product configurators are the next logical step in online selling of products that need configuration. Do you want to make more configurations of your products easily available to your customers and free time for your sales agents? Let’s talk.

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