Internal product launch streamed across the globe

One broadcast to Europe and Asia, and one to America. That was the setup when we helped Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen live stream their internal product launch.

When you-know-what prevented Louis Poulsen from gathering all their sales representatives in Copenhagen for their internal product launch, they had to go virtual. They did so from Virsabi’s Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen.

Virtual Production

Louis Poulsen

Live Stream Event

Ready, set, virtual action

Twice a year, Louis Poulsen flies in sales representatives from across the world to their Copenhagen headquarters to launch their new designs for the coming seasons. The internal product launch is about Louis Poulsen’s new products, but it is nearly as much about bringing dispersed colleagues together and create excitement and a sense of togetherness.

But at the moment – for reasons we all know – Louis Poulsen cannot invite their sales colleagues to Copenhagen to meet in person. Going virtual was the way to go. And instead of attempting a homemade set-up, they reached out to Virsabi to host their virtual event.

The setup

The product launch was a mix of preproduced content and live segments, which we live streamed from our virtual production studio, using the huge screen in the studio as the backdrop for live segments. Some presenters used the screen to show images of products as they presented them while pointing and zooming to highlight certain features on the products. Others used the screen simply to present slide decks in a more dynamic way.

Our setup allowed us to cut back and forth between two cameras showing the presenters and the content of the screen, giving a dynamic viewing experience. We also helped produce video content, animations, and graphics for the event.

We take our learnings from the day with us to Louis Poulsen’s next internal product launch in the spring of 2021.

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