The use of virtual training already had a big impact on the maritime industry. Seafarers can train mooring again and again to increase safety without the need for travelling to an expensive training facility. Remote collaboration using mixed reality helps solve problems while at sea.

VR increases safety at sea

Mixed Reality in the maritime industry

VR, AR and MR can create a very positive impact in the maritime industry. Training in VR where seafarers train dangerous situations in virtual reality is already improving safety in some of the world’s largest shipping companies.

For the maritime industry, training in VR lets seafarers train and experience potentially dangerous situations in a safe and immersive environment, until they practices become habitual. There is no need to travel to a remote training facility, and all employees get the exact same training experience to improve safety procedures.

With augmented and mixed reality, you have the opportunity to collaborate remotely with staff on land. As long as you are connected to the internet, engineers or maintenance people onboard can wear a HoloLens or RealWear and be guided by experts anywhere in the world to perform maintenance or repair tasks. Ground personnel can see what the seafarers see, draw objects in a digital layer, or upload manuals to their field of vision.

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Jens Lauritsen

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