Doing marketing in VR and AR is taking you a step towards the metaverse. Virtual and augmented reality open new ways to let customers experience or interact with your products. The immersive experience creates an emotional bond between the customer and your product prior to the buying phase. 


Marketing in the new reality 

VR adds a new dimension to your marketing

With the coming metaverse, people will no longer be on the internet – they will be in it.

Marketing will take on a new dimension as it opens almost unlimited possibilities for where and how to present your products and messages to audience. In virtual reality, people are so immersed in the experience that you can gain the perfect amount of attention if your marketing is done in the right context.

Already today, augmented reality holds a number of possibilities for letting people interact with your products in different settings. Just one example is to make 3D AR models of your product that people can interact with on their phones and place them in different settings before posting on social media.

Let’s talk about which reality is right for your next marketing campaign.

Jens Lauritsen

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