Meta presents new prototypes that give a taste of the future metaverse

Meta works intensely to be first movers in relation to the metaverse and meet the technological challenges it entails. Meta recently presented three prototypes for VR headsets for the metaverse.

meta vr headsets
Meta's headset prototypes at Meta's Reality Labs. Photo: Meta

Visual challenges hamper the technological development

In Virsabi, we promote VR in work-related contexts such as meetings, onboarding of new employees and training of existing employees. For this reason, we monitor the development of new hardware and find it very interesting what the developers at Meta are working on these days.

Among the greatest challenges for developers within the virtual reality and metaverse technology are the visual features that shall make it difficult to distinguish between the visual world and the real world.

In an attempt to achieve this ideal, Zuckerberg and Meta have developed new prototypes: Half-Dome, Butterscotch and Holocake 2. The appetizing names give us a taste of the future of the metaverse, where VR glasses are better at focusing, have higher resolution, better design and generally are more user-friendly.

Although Meta is one step closer to cracking the code in achieving the full potential of the metaverse, the company has also stated that consumers cannot get their hands on their VR headsets in the nearest future as the visual challenges have not yet been solved.

meta headset prototype
Meta's Holocake 2 prototype

The metaverse: a new technological era

Meta has passed milestones with their new prototypes, however the metaverse is still lurking in the distance. But companies and organizations can still make good use of the technology already today. 

Across time and place, VR and AR can give the feeling of being in the same physical location while working with the same 3D models to visualize ideas. It can save companies both time and money and it is this development we will see extended it in the metaverse.

“Instead of just looking at them on a screen, you’re going to feel like you’re there, experiencing things that you’d otherwise never get to experience. And that feeling, the richness of that experience, that’s why this sense of realism matters,” Zuckerberg said according to the media Mixed-News.

meta glasses virtual reality mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg wearing the Holocake 2. Photo: Meta

Experience the benefits of the metaverse today

In the future we will not only know of the metaverse and be in it for a limited time, but instead implement the metaverse in our daily lives so that it becomes our new way of interacting with each other – if everything goes according to Meta’s plan.

At Virsabi, we do not believe in waiting for an uncertain amount of time. We are already taking advantage of the technologies today and helping our customers do the same.

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