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Scale-up your business by incorporating Meta Quest for Business with Virsabi’s help. 

Device Management

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Control large amount of VR headsets with Meta Quest for Business

Training and onboarding in VR are gaining traction. From smaller proof-of-concept projects, we now see large enterprises rolling out full-scale solutions, and a growing number of our customers need large amounts of headsets.

With this arises a challenge for IT departments that need to manage yet another device. As a Meta Quest for Business partner, we can help you overcome this challenge and keep track of devices, users, and content.

What is Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions are widely used safety and management tools that help IT administrators keep track of companies’ devices, with varying functionalities. Most of the time they enable security and policies of a company to be incorporated in the devices, and monitoring of the usage of said devices. While most MDM can handle different types of operating systems and mobile devices there are some that are not covered by MDM systems and require their own MDM solutions. 

Solution description 

All Meta Quest devices can be managed from Meta Quest for Business. It is an MDM solution that features all-in-one management of users, devices and content on all Meta Quest devices of your company. Having all three in one app reduces risks of miscommunication and enables faster, easier and more efficient management of devices throughout the whole company.

Device Management 

User management enables admins to manage access to Meta Quest headsets via the Admin Centre. Additionally, admins can manage accounts within the company with automated provisioning and integration with major identity providers.

User Management

Device integration enables integration with other, third-party MDM solutions including Invanti, VMware WOrkspace ONE and Microsoft Intune. You can remotely wipe data from the headsets, bulk provision, set device profiles, and review the status of the device including current ownership. 

App Management

With just APK link or dedicated business channel you can add and manage private apps to Meta Quest headsets. Additionally, admins can control which apps are seen by the users and which can be downloaded through device configuration settings. 

How to get started

Virsabi is a certified Meta Work Partner and can help you with setting up Meta Quest for Business to manage all of your Meta Quest devices. It is also possible to control what kind of content is available on the devices, as well as account management. Additionally, remote support from us is available if a need arises due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Your company IT administrators will be able to manage all of the devices, while Virsabi guides you throughout the implementation process, and can provide you with after-service support. 


  • Improved security 
  • All-in-one MDM solution 
  • Maintenance in form of updates 
  • Remote support from Virsabi’s side 
  • App management 
  • User account management 
  • Control of which groups devices belong to 
  • Content administration 


If you would like to know more or start improving the management of your Meta Quest devices, reach out to us. With several years of expertise in technology management, especially of VR devices, we are ready to answer all of your questions regarding Meta Quest for Business. 

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