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Started in October 2023, Green ASC VET is a 3-year project which aims at promoting the inclusive employment of autistic people through vocational education and trainings tailored to autistic people’s needs by using extended reality technologies. Funded by the EU's Erasmus+ Programme, it involves partners from various European countries.

Utilizing XR technologies allows for simulated skills training, aiding in job selection and skill acquisition. Additionally, the project’s ecological impact benefits from the environmentally friendly aspect of XR training. We at Virsabi are very proud to have been selected as the technical provider of the XR solutions that will be used in the project.

Through VR training simulations, we wish to address the unique challenges autistic people face in employment. The project prioritizes autistic individuals’ needs in vocational education, aiming for inclusive employment by providing tailored training aligned with market demands. Central to its objectives is enabling autonomy in career choice, education, and integration into the workforce, emphasizing equality and increasing self-confidence. We also aim to raise awareness of inclusion of autistic people in the labor market, especially targeting employers.

metautism project meeting

The consortium that will develop and implement these project’s goals is composed by:

  • Udruga za cjelozivotno strukovno obrazovanje – #STRUKA (Croatia) – Project’s coordinator
  • Virsabi ApS (Danemark)
  • Learn Virtual Europe Kft. (Hungary)
  • Industrijsko-obrtnicka skola – IOS (Croatia)
  • FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo (Portugal)
  • Autism-Europe AISBL (Belgium) 
  • Innoversa Factory GmbH (Germany)

Alongside VET and XR solutions, a campaign coordinated by #STRUKA and Autism-Europe aims to raise awareness about the project’s objectives.

Visit the projects website here.

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