The metaverse is described as the inevitable next stage in the evolution of the internet. But what is the metaverse exactly, and what will it become?

What is the metaverse?

There is no single definition of the Metaverse. But all of us who work with the technologies behind it agree that it will be a development of the internet, where virtual, augmented and mixed reality will play a much greater role than in the internet you know today. 

The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds will come closer together. In the sense that you will, to a much greater extent, be presented with data virtually on or nearby physical objects – a simple thing can be prices or expiry dates on items in the supermarket. And if you meet with friends online or virtually, you will get a much stronger feeling that you are really together, even though you are in two different places in the world. 

You can see the Metaverse as an overall description of what happens when the physical and digital worlds merge into a virtual or hyper-realistic world and borders no longer exist, and you get a creative, immersive 3D experience where anything is possible. Users can, for example, explore the environment, surroundings and products, travel to virtual destinations, interact with each other, create content, educate themselves, shop, attend meetings and events, or play games.  

History of the Metaverse
Mckinsey & Co. “Value creation in the metaverse” 2022

Metaverse in the future

The consumers of the future in the Metaverse

With new technology, new markets, new types of customers and new opportunities arise. The consumers of the future are generation Alpha. They were born after 2010, directly into the digital world and have a completely different perception of what is real. Are you into it?  

Shopping experiences in VR will be just thatexperiences. Customers will be able to see a product from all angles, get really close to it, have salespeople talk about, and in several cases probably changes design elements themselves. 

Banners and adds on the internet will take a step up in the metaverse. Due to the three-dimensional spatial feeling, your possibilities for reaching your target audience with your advertisement right where they are at the right time will improve significantly. Contrary to the static location that online advertisement often has today, advertisement will show itself to consumers in a more relevant – and less annoyingcontext. 

So, what does the metaverse of the future look like? How will the metaverse be regulated, and by whom? What will the social dynamics be like and how will it affect our society? What will be the roles of the individual users, communities, platform owners and even governments? 

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Metaverse Insights

Metaverse experience

Metaverse technologies

Today, you can experience the precursors to the metaverse through various technological devices such as the Oculus Rift, Metaquest Pro, Varjo XR and HoloLens or

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