Invite the client to a meeting to discuss your working drawings

Virtual meetings offer fantastic collaboration opportunities with Microsoft Mesh

Your drawings of the client’s machinery, factory floor, building, vehicle, or whatever you’re producing, are nearly finished. To gain client approval, you’re now hosting a virtual meeting in a 3D model created from your working drawings. 

Participants can join the model using a VR headset or through Microsoft Teams on their computers. In VR, they’ll find themselves in a 360-degree environment, while on a computer, they can move around as if in a first-person computer game. 

Multiple people can be present simultaneously, and communication works just like in a standard Teams meeting. The only difference being that in VR, the sound is directional, offering a more immersive experience. 

Alternatively, you might want to showcase your product in a broader context, allowing observers to see how your facility operates within its surroundings. You can construct an entire virtual world, incorporating models of your equipment, enabling visitors to teleport between various locations, watch videos, brainstorm ideas on a virtual whiteboard, and much more. 

The key is that you have control over how your virtual world appears. 

All of this is achievable today. 

It all takes place in Microsoft Mesh, currently in the process of being rolled out. Its popularity is on the rise due to a collaboration between Meta and Microsoft, making Mesh accessible on Meta’s widely used and reasonably priced VR headsets, the Quest series. 

meta mesh

Would you like us to craft your virtual world?

Microsoft Mesh comes with some standard meeting rooms. These rooms can be easily customized with different tools, similar to a regular meeting room. But why stop there? 

Microsoft has also developed a toolkit, allowing you to create your own virtual environments. This toolkit is based on Unity. 

If you want to start benefiting from these technologies now, we’d be delighted to help you create a unique virtual world or translate your drawings into 3D models using Unity. 

Can Mesh outshine face-to-face meetings?

Meeting in person remains the best method for building relationships. 
However, many of us still find Teams useful for decision-making meetings, especially with familiar faces. 

Microsoft Mesh serves as both a virtual meeting space and something entirely different. If our predictions hold true, we’ll soon find ourselves in situations where physical meetings involve all participants donning VR headsets to explore the project under discussion. 

Why settle for a screen or a paper model when you can physically navigate a virtual replica of your upcoming product? Whether you’re all in one place or spread across the globe… 

“The ability for a supplier to meet the customer in an online VR universe is a completely unique experience. The customer can view the design proposal in full size, the supplier can highlight specific elements, and together they can gain a comprehensive understanding of how the solution will function for the customer. This will greatly assist many British companies in their international sales processes, allowing them to build strong relationships with customers globally, even without the need for constant travel.” – Jens Lauritsen, CPO Virsabi. 

Microsoft Mesh is set to become widely available at the beginning of the new year. Get started before your competitors. 

Reach out to Virsabi, and we’ll help you get started. 

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