Mixed Reality screen sharing technology

Microsoft Hololens development

Microsoft HoloLens enables users to share their mixed reality experiences with a specialist, technician, or a group of friends.  Thanks to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture technology can be used to record what exactly the user is seeing, giving audience a way to navigate and communicate with the user.

Capture technology to connect people

“A spectator view camera will allow your audience to do more than just see what you see when wearing a HoloLens,” wrote Microsoft principal program manager Brandon Bray in a Feb. 13 blog post. “Yes, it allows others, who aren’t wearing HoloLens, to see the holograms you would see if you were wearing the device, but it also allows you to see what the people wearing HoloLens are doing and how they are interacting with their mixed reality experience.” Quotation from: http://www.eweek.com/mobile/microsoft-hololens-gathers-an-audience-with-spectator-view

Hololens for enterprises

“Using HoloLens, factory technicians have an entirely new way to visualize a piece of machinery, and solve complex tasks that were previously impractical or even impossible, not to mention saving them costs and downtime.” – wrote Toni Townes-Whitley corporate vice president of Worldwide Industry at Microsoft in the blogpost.

Machine, server or a blueprint can now be easily decoded and understood. As an example: a system developed by Radius Innovation & Development, a consulting practice run by electronics manufacturing services provider Jabil.

Mentioned company decided to demonstrate a system that uses HoloLens, Microsoft’s Windows 10-powered AR headset and a Surface Studio PC to design infusion devices used by doctors. Why? To deliver drugs and nutrients to patients with a great precision and control.

Another great example: German industrial enterprise – Thyssenkrupp. Thyssenkrupp is using HoloLens to capture customers’ staircase measurements for its customized mobility solutions for people with physical limitations. And thanks to mixed reality it be done in just one visit. Before HoloLens, the process involved multiple on-site visits involving cameras and require data to be collected manually.

Thyssenkrupp also used mixed reality headset to innovate the way elevator maintenance was held.

How does it look in practice? Watch this video to find out, and let us know what you think of such use of mixed reality.

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