Motion capture

Make your characters come alive. Provide your users with better and more realistic character movements that elevates the user experience.

What is the value of using motion capture?

With the traditional process of creating animations, objects and characters are created with constraints, and movements can only be captured in specific ways. It limits the quality of your animations, which influences the end-user experience. With motion capture, a new way of creating 3D animations give characters presence and movement in such a way that when we watch them, it feels like they truly exist.

When motion capture is used in virtual reality, you will experience a sensational interaction with the environment, which feels both realistic and captivating. It enables the user to engage physically and emotionally with the animation, leaving a lasting impression.

Why use motion capture?

Motion capture makes your digital characters come alive. With the technologies behind motion capture, we can create 3D animations for virtual reality that takes the user experience to the next level as characters are brought to life.

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How is it made?

In the process of creating 3D animation with motion capture, the actor in the animation will be wearing a comfortable, highly breathable suit. We use the Rokoko suit, which allows an exceptional freedom of movement. The suit is embedded with retro-reflective 3D tracking dots, which records every movement.

Via these trackers, we record and transfer movements to our computer software, computerize live actions and integrate them in the final animation.

Where can you benefit from motion capture:

  • Training in VR
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprises
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Art, design and music

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